Export Ogbono Seed in Small Scale and Make 100% Cool profit

Ogbono or Ogbolo is a common seed found in Nigeria, when the seed is grounded and use to make the popular ogbono soup in combination with vegetable and spices.

Ogbono soup with hot Pounded Yam, Eba, Amala or Fufu is a perfect food combination any time and it is loved by majority Nigerians.
The mass exodus of Nigerians to Europe, America and Asia, has caused an increase in the demand for Ogbono seed and other Nigerian food stuffs aboard.

Most Nigerian and African restaurants in the UK, USA, Canada, Belguim,Italy and Germany buy Ogbono seed for as much as $60/kg from exporters in Nigeria thus making the business very lucrative.
You too can start food stuff export business to earn some income. And I will like to let you know that with less than N30, 000 only you can make 100% cool profit as you package Ogbono in 1kg or 2kg packs for export to Europe and America.
To enable you start Ogbono seed export business in Nigeria you need to be guided.
To help you start and make profit from exporting Ogbono seed from Nigeria, I have packaged a step by step information manual plus 3bonus export manuals cost  just N5, 000 only.
It is a practical manual that will show you how to process and package Ogbono for export and contain addresses of restaurants/companies in UK and USA that buys food stuffs from Nigeria.
Apart from these addresses I will also show you how to get more contact addresses of foreign buyers who will place order for your export commodities and are sure to smile to the bank. To place order for the Ogbono export manual call me on +2348081632025

18 Responses to Export Ogbono Seed in Small Scale and Make 100% Cool profit

  1. thank for this info. we your assistance in this regard.

  2. Solomon says:

    Please I intend to start ogbono business in a small scale but I needed a professional guidiance to be able to manauover international market potholes.and secure more buyers contacts overseas and even locally.in a small scale.Thanks Solomon.

  3. I am based in UAE .
    And since I am already outside Nigeria I want to use the opportunity to see what I can be bringing from Nigeria to here or any other part of the world.
    But I want to start with ogbono Seed.
    Looking for a professional business consultant to guid me on which companies/countries that are really into this and I will contact them from here and possibly arrange a physical samples to them.
    Your advise will be highly appreciated.

  4. alfar mann says:

    What is the current international price for ogbono

  5. Alexander says:

    I felt much interested when I come across this topic pls i need you to contact me as soon as possible for the start up.

  6. Ikade Investment Nig Limited says:

    I Need To No The Price Of Grinded Ogbono Dollars And Pounds

  7. Clinton O. Ojanomare says:

    Hllo, the idea found on the webpage is a great and noble idea.How can my food stuff be packed for export? What are the requirements for export of food stuff? How do i link up with export guide? What quantity is sufficient for export? How and when do i get my money? I am interested please.

  8. stephen adomhere says:

    I really want to go into this business of ogbono and I need a companies I can supply to outside Nigeria. Also a craft fish business.

  9. Joseph victor says:

    Pls I will like to no all the ditais how to export how to get my money
    Mean I want to see the trainer so that I can discourse with him or her I believe that is more better for me I’m interested please thank you

    • 244OgeKweFoli153 says:

      Thanks for showing interest in the export of Ogbono seeds. The business is very lucrative, you can reach me the phone number posted on the article.

  10. okereke stephen says:

    my curiosity has brought to the discovering of this web page. i will call now.

  11. Henry says:

    please how can this ogbono be preserved against pests?

    • 244OgeKweFoli153 says:

      Mr Henry, Please read this Wonder how you can preserve grinded ogbono to last a year or more? We’ve compiled the best “nigerian ways” to store and keep grinded ogbono.

      1. Spray it on a tray.

      Just dry in a cool place for some days. When it’s very dry put it in a closed-fitted container.

      2. Dry and preserve with salt.

      3. After drying it, you can put it in a plate, use red pepper to cover the entire surface and close the container. It will last long for you.

      SPECIAL NOTE: Lay the container you want to use with old newspaper, add your ogbono and cover it with newspaper then cover up in air tight and keep in fridge/freezer.

  12. july says:

    Nice one

  13. David Foss. says:

    I would love to go into “Ogbolo, smoked Crayfish and Garri” export business
    on a small scale through Nipost. But i do not know how to go about it. What must i do?

  14. Good evening sir my name is Chiejina Ofure I love to into Ogbono export business I have a large ogbono farm ie bush mango and I have the capacity to supply any quantity you want both seeds and blended

  15. folashade says:

    please i jz saw dis post, i really need help on how to start.

  16. thankGod says:

    I will luv to go into crayfish,ogbono export using courier srvices,how wil I go about it

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