Foreign Buyers of Agro Products from Nigeria, Do You Need Contact Addresses?

One major difficulty exporters in Nigeria go through is getting foreign buyers abroad who will place order for their export commodities.
But it will surprise you to hear that just as you are here in Nigeria searching for foreign buyers, there are lots of buyers out there in the UK, USA, Canada and Germany who are also looking for ways to reach exporters in Nigeria that will supply them agricultural commodities like.
Garri, bitter leave, Yam, Fufu, fresh Kola nut, Bitter kola,Ogbono,Egusi,Crayfish,Shea butter,cassava chips, alligator pepper, elubo,Snail, Ugu, native black soap,Charcoal and ginger e.t.c.

So, to make profit from export business in Nigeria you need foreign buyers to place order for your commodities, without this you haven’t started export business.
Foreign Buyers of Agro Products from Nigeria, Do You Need their Contact Addresses?
Well, due to popular demand from visitors to Naijabizcom, I have decided to package in a PDF manual contact addresses of genuine companies in the UK, America, Canada and South Africa that regularly import agricultural commodities from Nigeria.
A copy of this PDF manual goes for just N5000 only; if you are interested in doing genuine business with these foreign buyers please get details of how to reach me through my website Contact US above.
Thanks for visiting NaijaBizCom.
Remain blessed.

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137 Responses to Foreign Buyers of Agro Products from Nigeria, Do You Need Contact Addresses?

  1. Obinna Aniekwe says:

    I want to get a comprehensive list of foreign buyers for some Nigerian agricultural and mineral resources. Thanks

  2. Benson says:

    full list of foreign buyers pls. many thanks

  3. Segun says:

    Please i need a full List of foreign buyers of Agro product in US,UK and Europe

    • Hi, I am highly interested in soya beans business can you please enlighten me on the exportation of the product to abroad specifically the country and the company that are interested. And the start up money.

  4. john says:

    am interested pls send me the list

  5. Adebayo Olaniyi says:

    we are looking for the importers of the following items
    Palm oil
    Bitter kola
    gercinia kola
    Kola nut
    Palm kennel shell
    Ogbolo seed
    Egusi (Melon seed)
    Soya bean
    Dried fish

    • Sayo Fadipe says:

      I need comprehensive list of foreign buyers of Nigeria’s agricultural produce like Shea butter, smoked fish, gaari, yam flour and other food items and produce.

    • Kunle says:

      I’m ready and willing to export Nigeria agricultural products. How do I get buyers over thweey?

  6. Opara says:

    overseas companies buyers seeking for agric products wanted,condition of services.

  7. kayode onabiyi says:

    I need the list of buyers of bitter kola.

  8. Abiala Seun says:

    Good day, please I will appreciate if i can get list of companies that buy cassava chips, Garri, sheabutter and Palm kernel.

  9. Oluwole Olusola says:

    we are seriously need reliable importers address of the agriculture products such as snails. ognono.kolanut. pepper cashew nut.etc

  10. oluseye babalola says:

    i am interested in establishing honest business relationships with suppliiers of agricultural products to especially hardwood charcoal. thanks

    • shola says:

      If u ar interested in buying any agricultural products especially, hardwood charcoal, garlic, cassava, bitter kola etc

  11. greatchuks says:

    i need list of good buyers list tanx

  12. I’m interested in the business, please post me the list of good buyers list tanx

  13. Saheed Odefunsho says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the contact of foreign buyers of agro products.
    Please can you share with me thanks.

  14. Johnson says:

    Anyone interested in ginger,jackfruits,breadfruits,durian fruits,plantain should contact me 08060599119.thanks

  15. justice michael says:

    Am interested thanks

  16. YEMI AGHEDO says:


  17. isaac Sylvester says:

    Sir, how can I get your contact, how do we create the relationship so I can pay to the companies name and more info.

  18. Jon says:

    I need more info pls

  19. mohammed yakub says:

    Pls send me list oof buuyers of egusi, sesame seed and othrrs

  20. Femi Adegoke says:

    Pls provide detail for payment. I would like to have contact addresses of importers of Nigerian agricultural produce in Canada, USA, Europe,Asia and Africa.

  21. Raymond Ahamiojie says:

    I need agricultural produce buyers in Nigeria and abroad

  22. OLADIRAN SAYO says:

    send me the list of overseas companies who need agro products exportation

  23. Dada olakanmi says:

    i need more buyers from abroad for bitter kola, kola nut, ginger and galic. I can also do joint business with you base on agreement.

  24. rapheal says:

    please send list of agric produce buyers abroad

  25. wariebi says:

    please send me the contacts of companies and individuals interested in sea foods such as fish, shrimps, lobsters, snail etc as well as agro allied products from nigeria.

  26. hadiza adamu says:

    sir/ma,pleease i need genue foriegn buyers for exporting of ginger,colanut,garlic,sharbutter etc.thanks

  27. Meshach Okposi says:

    How do I find buyers of Nigeria Agricultural Commodities from Europe, USA and Britain

  28. sam says:

    pls i need the foreign buyers addresses

  29. mbanta obinna says:

    I need buyers of elubo and charcoal

  30. moses Agboola says:

    Brs,weldone 4 the good job done,pls i need contact of these buyers as u said.thanks

  31. Boral pvers farms ltd. says:

    Pls send a comprehensive list of foreign buyers of Nigeria agro products.

  32. amop says:

    If you are in need of soyabeans, cashewnut, dried split ginger and moringa 08063238801/

  33. Shola says:

    Please send me the comprehensive lists of Agricultural products foreign buyers

  34. I have just entered the export market with a drive to go into exportation of agricultural products in the likes of garcinia kola(bitter kola) and Moringa seed.It’ll be appreciated if you could get me the lists of these foreign buyers and how to go about making payment for it.
    Thank you.

    Abdullah Olubunmi.

  35. remi ajibola says:

    need comprehensive list of foreign buyer.e g locust beans, any spices. Thanks

  36. EZE says:

    pls i need the list and contact of buyers of eggussi in uk usa

  37. Iduwe Endurance says:

    pls i need comprehensive list of foreign palm oil, rubber and ogbolor from asia, europe, north america, south america.

  38. Bassey Essien says:

    Please let me have a list of foreign buyers (mainly Europe and North America) for agricultural products.
    Thank you,
    Bassey Essien

  39. mmenyene fabian says:

    Please I need your help with the contact of buyers of agro products from across the world.

  40. Nafiu Ahmed says:

    please I need foreign buyers full details


    Please I need foreign buyers full details of nigeria agricultural products

  42. Okoye Nwankwo & Sons Ltd says:

    I need foreign buyers of agricultural products such as local rice,Palm oil, Palm kernel, bitter cola, bitter leave,ginger, egusi,dried fish,e t c

  43. Sunday . O. Edunjobi says:

    Good day sir, inee both foreign and local buyers of agricultural products such as Snails and Palm oil, egusi Palm calnel etc

  44. jerry says:

    Please i need foreign buyers of Nigerian Agricultural products.

  45. I need forerign buyers of agricultural produits such as egusi, garri, bitter cola,bitter leave, palm kernel, dried fish, palm oïl, est

  46. esther inomwan says:

    I have agricultural product like plantain,yams garri ,cat fish ,available for sale..

  47. namo says:

    Interesting momentum from Nigeria, appears responses are not readily available for majority of the inquiries. any feed back system? extremely critical we build a platform that allows all interested exporters and Buyers to interact. any luck with contacts within the Asian continent?

  48. CEO says:

    I need contact of Canadian company that can buy palm oil from Nigeria I do export.
    Do you know any website that I can check for companies that need palm oil in Canada.

  49. Lajuwomi Damilola E says:

    Pls,I need a comprehensive list of foreign buyers of crayfish in the following countries: US,UK n Canada.

  50. kehinde says:

    I needed buyers for hardwood charcoal and Shea butter in UK, USA and DUBIA.

  51. fortunate says:

    l need a buyer of ugu

  52. ipuole peter ogar says:

    please i need contacts of foreign buyers of agricultural produce like ginger, cashew nut,garlic, cassava,gunea corn etc

  53. victor says:

    Please am interested in the list of foriegn buyers of nigerian agro-allied products. thanks

  54. Dada Timothy says:

    Please am interested in the list of foriegn buyer of Locust bean (Iru) in USA, UK and any other country outside nigeria.

  55. oha ezechinyere peter says:

    good day,
    please i need the list of foreign company in canada that palm oil and agro product

  56. Mary says:

    Please I need buyers in Nigeria looking for Benny seed and soya beans

  57. kiremere sem says:

    I would like to get contact of agricultural products like green vegetables,mangoes,oranges,pineapples,pawpaw,passion fruits,melons,ground nuts,peas,carrots,yams,honey,corns,bananas


    good day.please i need comprehensive list of foreign buyers of agricultural product such as ogbono,okazi,bitterleaf,bitter cola(Garcinia),cola nut,crayfish,honey,hot pepper,cassava flour,dried okro, etc


    good day.please i need comprehensive list of foreign buyers of agricultural product such as ogbono,okazi,bitterleaf,bitter cola(Garcinia),cola nut,crayfish,honey,hot pepper,cassava flour,dried okro, etc

  60. Solomon says:

    Please I need a foreign company which needs groundnut, garri and pepper. Thanks

  61. Saratu says:

    Please i have dry habbisus in Nigeria if you want.

  62. Waziri says:

    Am in an area were Charcoal and Bitter cola are just being wasted due to it over abundance. I will like to put them into good use through export. Pls need ur help and let do business

  63. melody says:

    please I need contacts of foreign Agro base and pharmaceutical product buyers. Ready to do Genuine business .

  64. SUNDAY OJETOLA says:

    I need a foreign buyers to buy my cassava chips

  65. Timi says:

    Good job, pls I need comprehensive list of buyers of alligator pepper. My mail is

  66. Olowo Solomon says:

    I needs list of foreign buyers of shea butter, cassava and other agro products.
    Mail and all what is entails to go about it.

  67. ogechukwu Patience says:

    I need their full details of foreign buyers

  68. Ewa Isaac says:

    i need foreign buyer of cassava,charcoal and ginger, cashew nut,yam, egusi.
    mail, +2348075674572

  69. Stella Sylveoguh says:

    Could you please help me with contacts of some buyers / importers of Nigerian foodstuff and other agricultural products. My phone no. +234-8066740843

  70. Stella Sylveoguh says:

    Could you please help me with contacts of some foreign buyers / importers of Nigerian foodstuff and other agricultural products. My phone no. +234-8066740843

  71. Adenugba seun says:

    pls i need full details of foreign buyers who want to buy rice, beans, maize, cassava etc

  72. SOLA says:

    I’m a new player in the exporting business. Kindly help with contacts of buyers for garri,split gingera and groundnut

  73. Good day Sir,
    We are exporter of Agricultural Products such as Maize, Corn, Soya Beans, Peanut, Garlic, Ginger, etc.

    We are looking for genuine foreign buyers that can buy from us. The name of our Company is Flobatan & Sons Invt Int Ltd. please, we need your assistant.

  74. Mike aaron says:

    My name is mike Aaron, from Nigeria I need a foreign buyer of Moringa,

  75. casmir c.n. says:

    Good day sir,
    I need the comprehensive PDF list of foreign buyers of agricultural products e.g. palm oil, Garri, ogbono, etc.

  76. Ibekwe Ugochukwu Collins says:

    send me the full comprehensive list of European and Asian countries that buys Nigeria Charcoal, Cassava Chips,Palm Oil Palm Kannalnut

  77. chinenye azubike says:

    Please can I get the pdf file

  78. adekunle says:

    I need list of palm oil and ugwu seed (pumpkin) buyer|exporter

  79. Please can i get the pdf file of agro buyer?

  80. Chris E says:

    I need the full details of genuine foreign buyers from USA and Canada for ginger garlic and palm oil

  81. divine says:

    pls i do need the list of foreign buyers of nigeria ginger,pls respond to our request

  82. Ernest nzelu says:

    my name is Ernest Nzelu I need a Foreign company that need dried donkey ..Carmel..cow skin..and also dried ginger and garlic..better kola..crayfish..etc.

  83. olufemi says:

    Please I need d full list also pls.

  84. Abolade Adeleye says:

    Please furnish me with foreign contacts interested in importing the following agro allied products. (1) Shea butter (2) sesame seed (3) cashew (4) ginger. Thanks

  85. Onoja Isaiah says:

    Thank you very much sir, pls how do i make the payment so i can get the complet details of foreign buyers of agricultural product all over the word?. Thanks

  86. ephraim paul says:

    Is your comprehensive and sole-verified list of foreign importers still standing this year or next? Or it changes as the year rolls by??

    Cuz I intend to start an exporting biz and need feasible statistics that all the foreign importers on your list are still going to be on standby to buy from us at this very point in time!

  87. AFRICOM FARM says:

    Thanks. Please, how can I get contact of companies and individuals, locally and internationally who need Snails both raw and processed one, even the slimes(water). I presently have over 45,000 mature Snails ready for sales. I am ready to partner people with good intentions for business.
    The Chief Executive Officer
    Edo State

  88. AFRICOM FARM says:

    Please, send me details of foreign companies who need Snails and its products. Thanks.

  89. Am kelvin oyeneye from Nigeria. A staff of surely lifted logistics limited. I need a comprehensive list and contacts of Europe’s corporate and private weekly buyers of the following agricultural products:
    1 Soya Beans
    2 Cassava (Raw and Finished type)
    3 Rubber
    4 Onion
    5 Cashew Nuts
    6 Garlic / Ginger
    7 Cocoa
    8 Groundnut
    9 Crayfish
    10 Bitter Kola
    11 Kolanut
    12 Palm Oil
    13 Dry and Fresh pepper
    14 Fresh Orange from the orange tree
    15 Carrot


    We source locally and sell to interested buyers from anywhere in the world and delivers to your door step.


    Surely Lifted Logistics Limited is a customs brokerage firm which determines the most reliable and cost effective means for using air freight options to coordinate corporate and individual parcel or shipment deliveries worldwide.
    Core Operations:
    Air and Sea Shipment
    Importing and Exporting
    Courier Services
    General Logistics


  90. Ibrahim Aliyu says:

    I need comprehensive contact list for foreign companies interested agro products

  91. ThankGod Umenwa. says:

    if we can get foreign buyers contact it will good

  92. Akingbuwa Akinyemi Abraham says:

    Good morning.I need comprehensive list of foreign agro allied product buyer, so that i can start my own business.

    Thanks. Akinyemi Akingbuwa

  93. Olayemi Olaniyi says:

    I would like the comprehensive list of foreign buyers of garcinia kola, kola nuts and groundnuts.
    Olayemi Olaniyi

  94. Akingbagbohun Akinsola says:

    I need buyer’s of bitter kola and gari,serious buyers should contact me

  95. please I need buyers of bitter kola and gari.

  96. Akingbagbohun Akinsola says:

    please I need buyer of bitter kola and gari,from outside Nigeria

  97. Okafor Charles says:

    Good morning sir,
    Am eporting business and would like to go into export of ogbono seeds, shea butter to foreign countries. Please i will need your help to get some contacts regarding this request sir.


  98. Ijeoma oforh says:

    I need comprehensive contact list of foreign buyers interested in cassava chips,bitter leaf,ugba,bitter kola,ogiri,ogbono,egusi,crayfish,oha,ede and ukazi leaf fresh.

  99. chukwma okosisi says:

    list of garlic, ginger, cassava palm oil buyers from Europe

  100. ZUBAIRU ATTAIRU says:

    Kindly avial me detail contact of buyers of all exportable commodities from Nigeria.

  101. Agbelese olushola says:

    Pls am interested in export business and can you pls furnish me the contacts abroad.

  102. Borode Samson Oyetunde says:

    I need address of buyers who export bamboo tree

  103. Adedotun Sam says:

    an exporter told me dat as a small scale exporter dat i dont need export license,pls i nid clarification on this and how can i get the list of buyers,thanks

  104. Ekwueme Ngozi Cecilia says:

    I want to start palm oil production and exportation. I need a list if foreign buyers and the start up cost.

  105. ken says:

    Buyers of Agro farm products like cashew nuts, charcoal and Roselle which is called zobo should contact me for real business and also any investors of lands

  106. olufunmilayo Adekanmbi says:

    Pls I need a contact of foreign buyers for fresh garri and pure ground pepper pls contact me on this number 08168853542

  107. paul says:


  108. paul says:

    I need address of buyers who export garri and original pure honey

  109. olabel farm says:

    we sell all farm product like
    cat fish and feeds
    palm oil
    cow and

  110. Chukwueme Innocent says:

    How to get buyers of agricultural products from European countries.

  111. Babalola says:

    i need information on buyers of these produce. cashew-nut, sesame seed and shea butter nut

  112. viven says:

    I need a buyer of crayfish,ogbono,powder beans

  113. HAPPYKING says:

    I will like to get contact of Shea butter and cashew nut buyers

  114. Felix uduaghan says:

    I will want you to connect me to someone who can buy garri in uk

  115. Mebo Farms Limited, So supply list of agro allied commodities. Mebo Farms is an indigenous agricultural trading arm of Adrena Media which is involved in the export of a gamut of product such as Maize, Sorghum, Sesame Seeds, Cashew Nuts, Millet, Soya Beans, Palm Kernel Seeds, Molasses, Bran Wheat Offal, Cavendish Banana, Corns and other commodities.

  116. Morayo says:

    please i need contacts of foreign buyers of agricultural produce in Nigeria market like ginger, cashew nut,garlic, cassava,gunea corn etc

  117. Yashim chawai says:

    Please i need contacts of foreign buyers of agricultural produce in Nigeria like ginger, soya bean, turmeric, and ground nut.

  118. segun says:

    i am interested

  119. I am interested in supplying all kinds of agricultural products. Thanks

  120. Peter says:

    I want to get a comprehensive list of foreign buyers for some Nigerian agricultural and mineral resources. Thanks

  121. Adetoro Aina says:

    please. i have agricultural products like
    shea butter
    Lizard skin etc.

    how do i get foreign contacts to sell the products to

  122. Ezem ucheoma says:

    Please I am looking for a serious and sincere buyers of Nigerian agricultural produce and food stuffs from UK USA AND CANADA, Thanks.

  123. Obalade says:

    Pls need contact for foreign buyers of farm product for exportation from Nigeria to America and Europe

  124. Idris Ibukun says:


  125. Oyewole says:

    Pls l need contact for foreign buyers of farm product for exportation from Nigeria to America and Europe

  126. Okopi Agada says:


    would like to have a copy of list of foreign buyers

  127. Peter says:


    Kindly assist me with the contact of foreign buyer that can buy kola nut and bitter kola. Thanks

  128. Brilliant Trust Konsultants says:

    I have scrap metal to sell, I need companies to sell to

  129. Osuagwu Matthew. says:

    Hello I’m interested in getting a foreign ginger and bitter kola buyer because I have a lot to supply but I have not foreign buyer at they moment.

  130. Adebisi Samuel Ademola says:

    I am interested in the list of countries, companies and individual who needs garri from Nigeria.

    Thank you

  131. Maduka says:

    I am an organic farmer l need foreign buyers for my product s.l can supply egwuusi hand peeled,palmoil, processed groundnut, dry beans, of all kinds . Shea butter, crayfish,African salad, fresh Ugu and dry bitter leave etc

  132. ubantisa global ltd says:

    I need foreign buyers for bitter kola, Shea butter,ginger and snails.

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