AirTel Nigeria: Buy Recharge Card and Pay Later Activation Code

Did receive any SMS lately from Airtel Nigeria saying- Need credit to make that call Or send SMS?
Actually, I got the SMS mentioned above from AirTel Nigeria but didn’t count it as anything because I thought it was just one of those numerous text from telecoms providers in Nigeria promising you heaven and earth.










Buy it was few days later that I remembered receiving a text saying I can actually buy a recharge card from AirTel Nigeria and then pay later.
So, quickly I reached out to my GSM phone to read and following the instruction on how to use the activation code (*500#) that will enable me buy recharge Card from AirTel and pay later.
To buy N50 and N100 recharge card from AirTel Nigeria and pay later below is the activation code and steps to follow
Step one; Dial *500# for “AirTel Nigeria Talk Time advance” to borrow airtime and pay later.
Step Two: After dialing *500# activation to buy recharge Card from Airtel and pay later, you will be given the option of typing 1 for N50 and 2 for N100 and then send as a text massage so that your phone can be credited with airtime.
Step Three: Once you complete step two above, you receive an SMS message from AirTel Nigeria customer service centre saying.
“Dear customer, you have been credited with N90 airtime at N10 service charge. Please recharge by 20/06/2012 to repay your loan” (payback time 3days).
You can try it now and see that the AirTel Nigeria: Buy Recharge Card and Pay Later Activation Code really works.

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