Starcomms Internet Plan and Cost

When it comes to internet services in the country Starcomms Nigeria can be rated as one of the best in terms of providing an innovative and affordability internet services through it CDMA 3G Mobile Network.
Starcomms broadband services include:
iZap and 1XCDMA
So if you need a fast, reliable and cost effective internet connection for your home or office then Starcomms internet packages is what you need.
Read further to see the different Starcomms internet plan and their cost.

The Speed you’ve been dreaming of! IZAP is based on advanced Third Generation CDMA 1x Wireless Technology. That means you have true mobile broadband access to the internet, intranet, and e-mail. Easily download massive work files, movies, music collections, e-mail attachments, etc, at superspeed!

Starcomms IZAP Broadband service is the fastest wide area wireless service commercially available today. It has typical download speeds of upto 300-600kbps, but is even capable of speeds of upto 2.4Mbps. Downloading complex, large files remotely is now a reality.
You have superfast access to your digital lifestyle, wherever and whenever you need it on the Starcomms IZAP Mobile Superfast Broadband

You can connect in a car, at work, at the beach, anywhere within the Starcomms IZAP Mobile Superfast Broadband coverage area and since it uses Superior CDMA 1x technology, data protection is built-in.

That is not all, with its dual function; you can switch over to CDMA 1x data access, whenever you are out of the IZAP coverage area.

Starcomms IZAP Mobile Broadband keeps you always in touch anytime, anywhere.
Below are the different Starcomms internet Packages and Pricelist.
Starcomms 1XCDMA 100 bundled hour Internet Browsing – N5,000
Starcomms iZap 100 bundled hour Internet Browsing – N6,500
Starcomms 1XCDMA 250 bundled hour Internet Browsing – N10,000
Starcomms iZap 250 bundled hour internet browsing – N15,000
Starcomms iZap 24/7 Internet Browsing – N15,950
Starcomms iZap 24/7 Internet Browsing (Corporate plan) – N12,500
Starcomms Business Internet Browsing (9am – 9pm) – N7,000
Starcomms Internet Browsing (9pm – 9am) – N5,000
Starcomms Friendly8 internet browsing (7am – 11am, 7pm – 11pm) – N6,000
Starcomms 1XCDMA 24/7 Internet Browsing – N10,000
Starcomms 1XCDMA 24/7 Internet Browsing (Corporate plan) – N8,000
To purchase your Starcomms internet bundle plan dealers please visit any Starcomms sales outlets and shops throughout Nigeria

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