Swift 4GBroadband Internet Plan (Nigeria)

You can now experience the fastest plug-and-play wireless broadband internet service in Nigeria with SWIFT 4G Broadband internet plan.
The benefit derived using Swift 4G internet plans in the country are as follows.
Fast speed, unlimited number of users, Plug and play Wi-Fi cloud,
Activity-based internet billing,
Affordable internet service plan for as N500 only,
With this Swift broadband internet plan you can easily call the UK (Landline) USA, Canada, China and India at affordable cost.
See table below for the various Swift broadband internet plans and choice the one that best suit your business or personal need.
Plan Name
Swift Liberty   = 300MB,24/7 for 7days N500
Swift Liberty Plus   = 300MB, 24/7 for 7days N1500
Swift Lite   = 5GB,6pm-8am,daily/month N3,500
Swift Home   = 10GB,6pm-8am,daily/month N6,000
Swift Home plus   =Unlimited,6pm-8am,daily/month N8,000
Swift basic  =7GB,24/7/month N10,000
Swift pro.   = 10GB 24.7/month N15,000
Swift Nigeria 4GBroadband Internet Plan subscription.
To subscribe to Swift 4G broadband internet plans, please visit Swift retail outlet throughout Nigeria or visit www.swiftng.com

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