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You can get good value for your money in return as we help you promote your Business, Seminars, Products and Services to thousands of visitors to Naijabizcom on daily basis.






Our advert rates are affordable when compared to what others websites charge for advert in Nigeria.
Also, we charge for Advert on monthly and per ad space.
Advertise with Us on Naijabizcom.
Below are the various sizes of adverting banners and the rates we charge.

15o x 200 ad banner = N20, 000 per month
250 x 250 ad banner = N30, 000 per month
350 x 250 ad banner = N40, 000 per month
160 x 600 ad banner = N50, 000 per month
If you are interested in advertising with us please contact me on Tel: 08081632025,











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