Nigeria e-passport Online Application Procedure

Applying for the Nigeria passport has become less arduous and less chaotic since the introduction of the e-passport regime by the Nigeria Immigration Service.

What this means is that Nigerians at home or abroad can now acquire a new international passport and get renewal done faster through the Nigeria Immigration Service e-passport application online portal.

To obtain your international e-passport here is list of documents you required by the Nigeria Immigration service. CLICK HERE TO VIEW DOCUMENTS.

Therefore, to kick start your Nigeria e-passport application online below are the steps to follow.

Step One: Log on to the internet and visit the Home page of Nigeria Immigration service online Portal

Step Two: Look for the e-Passport Application Form and click to start the e-passport application process

Step three: Select and click the passport type you to apply for (Standard e-Passport OR Official e-Passport) and fill in your data on the form.


Step five: PRINT a copy of the application form filled above for keeps.

Step six: Click on the Application submit button to view your details

Step seven: Next is Click on Proceed to Online Payment, select Payment option and choose either to Pay in Naira” or Pay in Dollars.

You can make payment for the e-passport in Naira online with your e-Wallet if you have one or pay through some designated banks in Nigeria.

If you paying through a bank in Nigeria select the bank of your choice.

The official cost of obtaining e-passport in Nigeria about N9000 but, if somebody is helping to process it you pay about N20, 000

Step eight: After selecting the bank to pay application fee, please Print Payment Acknowledgment Slip with Transaction ID, Application ID & Reference Number.

Now go to the bank you have selected above with the printed copy of your Payment acknowledgement slip and make payment.

Step Nine: After paying at the bank you will issued a pay4me e-receipt that contains a (VALIDATION NUMBER).

Step ten: Now go to the Nigeria immigration service website e-passport portal QUERY YOUR APPLICATION PAYMENT STATUS and entre your passport application ID and Reference Number.

Select PAY4ME and input the VALIDATION NUMBER to confirm payment.

Step Eleven:  After payment confirmation click on the “Search Record” button to view your details and the date set for your interview.

NOTE: Print a copy of the application Receipt or Acknowledgement Slip. (You will need them for your interview).

To start the e-passport application process, please and visit the Nigeria immigration Official website.

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