How To Start Pure water business In Nigeria

The provision of portable drinking Water in both urban and rural centers is supposed to be the primary responsibility of the government. But due to failure of government in providing cleaning drinking water for it citizens we often hear of out breaks of water born diseases like cholera and diarrhea in most developing countries.

Portable drinking water is a scares commodity in Nigeria, but some private individuals are truly making effort at making clean drinking water available through the setup of sachet and bottled water production business.

Sachet and bottled water production is one profitable business opportunity in Nigeria that has high return on investment if well managed.

It is a well known fact that the human body consists of 75% water, which means that one can not survive without drinking water. And since all of us in Nigeria must drink water to survive then the demand for sachet and bottled water in the country will continue to be very high.

According to recent statistics pure water/bottled water production companies in Nigeria alone provided job opportunities for about 800,000 people in Nigeria.

So you too can set up sachet water or bottled water production business of your own in Nigeria and make fast cash.

Even retailers of pure water/bottled water are making money from the sales of the product.

For example, after the recent petroleum subsidy removal crisis in Nigeria most retailers now buy a bag of pure water for N80 and sell for N120/bag. Thereby making N40/bag and the more bags they sell means more profit they make.

So as a producer to stand to make lots of profit in pure water production.

To start sachet or bottled water production business in Nigeria, below are the requirements you must meet.



This is where you will carryout all production activities and your site must have of the following sections.

Production Room: A room where the actual production of sachet and bottled water activities takes place.

Storage Room: This is the room where finished goods are stored before distribution.

Raw materials Room: In the raw materials room, there you keep production raw materials e.g sachet water nylon, empty plastic bottles and water purification chemicals etc. 

Clock Room: This is the changing room where your staff will keep their personal belongings and also where they can change their clothes.

Office: This is where you and the administrative staff will stay to keep records and also to attend to customers.

Toilets and bathroom. This is particularly very important, it is a must have in your factory for hygiene purpose. Without providing toilets in your site for staff NAFDAC will not give you approve to operate a bottled water production business in Nigeria. Read and discover requirement for getting approval NAFDAC for pure water and bottled water production business in Nigeria


Automated form and seal machine water sachet machine.

Industrial water filters.

Over head tanks/Plastic storage water tanks

Micro filters and Cup filters

Water borehole

Ultra Violet lights.


Nylon bags (Automated)

Packing bags.


Production staff.

Administrative staff.



The start up requirement for sachet water and bottle water production business in Nigeria depends on the scale you want to start with.

The cost of setting up a small scale sachet/bottle water production out fit is quite different from that of medium and large scale business outfit.

For example: You can start a small scale sachet/bottled water production business with about 5million Naira and with average production capacity of 1000bags per shift you are sure to make at least One million Naira every month minus expenses.

While the medium and large scale sachet/bottled water production will require a start up capital of between 10-20million Naira and are also sure making at least 2-3million Naira on monthly basis.

I believe with the above explanations you can see that sachet water and bottled water production business in Nigeria is indeed very lucrative.

And base on the over 150million population of Nigeria the demand for sachet or bottled water will continue to increase.

Therefore, to enable interested investors take advantage of the money opportunities in pure water business in Nigeria, I have packaged a comprehensive feasibility studies in a PDF format.

The feasibility studies contains detailed breakdown of all that required to start and manage a successful sachet/bottled water production business in Nigeria.

A copy of the complete feasibility studies (PDF) on sachet and bottle water production cost N5, 000

To place order, please pay N5, 000 to Gtbank Nigeria plc,

A/C.  Number: 001-030-8742,

A/C.  Name; OJO OTARU.

After payment text your name, your e-mail address &bank teller number to

08081632025 and immediately I will send a copy of the manual (PDF) to

your email box.


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