How to Start a Lucrative Travel Agency Business

Travelling from one city or country to another for business or for holiday has a lot of benefits. Travelling afford you the opportunity to see new places, learn news things, make new friends and also make money in the process.

To travel from one city or country to another is sometimes very stressful especially for those who are time first visitors. But to make travelling less stressful most families who go on holidays, and busy executives on business trips pay for the services of a travel agency. This agency give them information to make adequate travel plans, book their flight tickets, procure visa, obtain international passport and make reservation hotel etc.

Travel Agency is a lucrative business and one can go into it and make enough money. And it doesn’t matter, whether you live in the US, UK, India, China, Canada or Nigeria.

In fact, I know some people who have made lots of money from travel agency business. How do they make the money, you may want to ask? They actually make their money through booking of local and international flight tickets, obtaining travel visas, process international passport, process working permit, car hire services and making hotel reservation for travelers.

There are many individual in Nigeria who wants to travel abroad for further education or to seek greener pasture. You can take advantage of the money making opportunities in travelling business to set up a travel agency that will cater for travelers in Nigeria.

The requirement for starting a travel agency business is not difficult. The major requirement is capital and the know how of travel business. Even if you don’t have much capital to start big, you can simply start small with the little amount you have, but the most important is to use your skills and experience towards satisfy your client.

Below are some of the basic requirements needed to start travel agency business.

Business registration. It advisable you register your travel agency business with relevant government agencies in your country. If you are in Nigeria, read my previous post to learn how to get your business registered with CAC in Nigeria  .

Capital requirement.  You don’t need much capital to start travel agency; you can start right from home which means you don’t need to pay office rent. But if you want to start with an office space then it will cost you more money.

Basic business tools needed. If you are starting small from home, here are some basic tools you will need.

A functional telephone number.

An email address.

Complementary card

A website.

Flyers for advertisements.

How to Start a Lucrative Travel Agency.

GET BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF TRAVEL AGENCY BUSINESS. There is need you an understanding of the basic requirement in travel agency business which is knowledge. This will help you identify customer’s needs and then know how to get them solved. If you don’t have these basic skills and experience it better you acquire them before you start.

I believe with this information, you can actually start your travel agency and make enough money that will take care of your needs.

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