How To Make Money Quick Before Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun and most people don’t even know where they are going to make money to shop for the celebration. The harsh economic realities in the country is one thing giving a lot of people concern, a situation were the prices of food stuffs, clothing, gift items and other things needed to make Christmas day pleasurable and memorable have become very expensive in the market.

However, in spite of the economic downturn, it is a well know fact that Christmas season still remains the best period where individuals, families and organizations spend lots of money to shop for Christmas.

Also, in other to make sure the kids are well taken care of, must parents usually go to any length to provide new clothing, cook food, buy drinks and other items needed to celebrate Christmas.

Although the general spending pattern maybe lower than expected but, it is an opportunity for individuals and business men to make quick money this festive season. So if you want to make money quick this, you will need to identify goods and services that people need most for the Christmas celebration and be able to supply these needs.

Below are some goods and services that sell most during Christmas season so take advantage of this opportunities to make quick money for yourself.

Chicken, Turkey, cow meat selling business.

Sales of small bags of rice to make money quick.

Packaging of gift baskets/corporate gifts.

Sales of drinks (Soft, malt and Alcoholic)

Sales of Children clothing.

Vegetable and salad making ingredients.

Cake making and sales of materials for baking.

Out door catering business.Learn How to Start Outdoor catering business with small capital here

Sound equipment/chair rental business.

Printing of calendars and dairies

Female beauty products sales business.

Sales of Bulk SMS for sending Xmas greetings. Learn how to make money selling bulk SMS here

Sales of fire crackers.

Event planning and decorations.

Make money as an MC (Master of ceremonies)

Female hair braiding and hair dressing saloon business.

Tailoring business.

Sell cooking gas to make money quick.

You will make money quick, if you render services and sell fast moving products at a considerable price before and during this Christmas season.

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