Nigeria Copyrights Commission Online Registration Process.

Do you know you can not claim ownership of a particular piece of music, film and art work in Nigeria, if you haven’t registered it with the Nigeria copyrights commission as your intellectual property?

The Copyright Commission of Nigeria is a federal government agency responsible for the registration and protection of all intellectual properties in the country.To stamp out piracy of films, music and books, the copyrights commission recently lunched a nation wide raid on the hide outs of pirates.

And in the course of the raid a lot of pirated films, books and musical works were confiscated and were destroyed publicly. The copyrights commission is really out to protect the intellectual prosperity of artist, writers and producers of creative works. So refusing to get yours registered means you will just be working hard for pirates to feed fat while you go hungry.

Therefore I urge you to quickly go and get all your published and unpublished intellectual works registered at the Nigeria Copyrights Commission.

The registration for copyright has being made easy with the internet. All you need is just go to copyrights commission website and there you complete the required registration.

To start processing copyright registration online for any intellectual works in Nigeria the copyrights commission requires you to do the following.

Register as a user of their website with your email address.

After completing registration, log in to their website with your user name and password.

After a successful log in, go to online copyrights registration and complete an application form requesting for copyright to your intellectual works.

The next stop is to pay the required amount for copyright registration in the bank account the Nigeria copyright commission.

After the registration fee, you will then to go any of the offices of the Copyright Commission and submit hard copies of books or electronic copies of the music and film you want to register to obtain copyright.

If you are ready to start the processing of copyright for your intellectual property here is link to the Nigeria Copyrights Commission Official Website


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  2. tunde says:

    What is the amount for registration

  3. Okonkwo Samuel says:

    What about someone wanting to register his or her blog?

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