11 Responses to How To Open CSCS Account for Easy Buying and Selling of Shares at the Nigeria Stock Exchange.

  1. Akoji says:

    Please, I don’t know where I kept my first bank shares certificate again, but I have the shares account number. Can anyone tell me how to go about it? Please reply to the mail above. Thanks

  2. raymond edward says:

    i want to sale my shears,pls link me to a stock broker here in abuja who can help me open cscs account tanks

  3. Mohammed says:

    My stock broker,Mayfield investment limited was until now in Abuja but have relocated to Lagos and I don’t know how to contact them anymore, please kindly help me out

  4. Raymond Edward Abuo says:

    Please can you link me to a stock broker who can help me open an a count CSS

  5. ogbuagu Camillus Damian Ogonnaya says:

    Since i was transfered from my former base i haven’t received any dividend from my registrars but i have my cscs/nse numbers. how do i search for my outstanding shares divedends online my email is ogcdo@yahoo.com

  6. John Lawrence says:

    Please do I need a BVN to open a CSCS account? If I don’t have a BVN can I still open a CSCS account to be trading in shares on NSE?

  7. Akinbunmi Olawale says:

    I already have a CSCS account. But how do I sell my shares.

  8. Oby says:

    My stock broker has closed down and they didn’t inform me nor tell me which company they gave my shares to and I can’t remember my CSCS number.what do I do.

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