How To Detect Fake Drugs in Nigeria with NAFDAC Short SMS Code

The war against counterfeit drugs and unwholesome products in Nigeria has in recent time taken a new dimension.The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) some few months ago introduced a new system where by consumers of drugs and packaged foods can find out by themselves if the particular drug they are about to purchase from a drug store is original or fake.

The new method involves sending text messages to an SMS short code provided by NAFDAC and receiving an instant reply from NAFDAC telling you whether the drug is fake or original.

Here is the SMS short code issued by NAFDAC to members of the Nigerian public 38353. To any obtain information from NAFDAC about a drug or any consumable products in Nigeria, this how you will use the SMS short code.

Take hold of the product, copy the assigned NAFDAC pin and send a text message to 38353 using your GSM phone, it works with any of the GSM network providers in Nigeria.

After sending the text wait to get feed back from NAFDAC and in few minutes you will receive a reply confirming if the drug is fit for consumption or not.
If the drug is an original you can go ahead and purchase it, but if it happens to be fake and substandard please quickly report the case to NAFDAC.

Fake drugs will not only fail to cure sickness but also kills. So let’s expose manufacturers and distributors of these dangerous drugs and products where ever there maybe both in Nigeria and in other countries.

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Remain blessed.

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