How To Make Fluoride Toothpaste.(Download Free Ebook)

Regular brushing of the teeth with Fluoride tooth paste does not only prevent germs, tooth decay and mouth odor but also makes the teeth strong and sparkling white. Such that, it gives an individual confidence to talk and laugh openly in the public because his teeths are healthy and free of mouth odor.
To maintain a good set of teeth the dental association of Nigeria recommend you brush your teeth at least twice a day and this means you must always have fluoride tooth paste at home for yourself and for family use. I can imagine the amount of money individuals with large families spend to purchase tooth paste in their various homes on regular basis.

But, do you can now make your own fluoride tooth paste at home? Yes you can, if you know the ingredient and production method to use. Below is an eBook that contains the ingredients, equipment and production method of making fluoride toothpaste.
This free EBook is yours for a grab download and make the most of it.
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