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Where is money on the internet? This is one silent question people ask themselves as they go searching the various internet websites, forums and social media sites for money making opportunities.

But after much search and no result they start to wonder where could the money be in online. And in desperation to make money at all cost they pitch their tent in get rich quick programs like.

Get paid to read email.

Online paid survey

Liberty reserve investment programs..

Online lottery and gambling.

Get paid to write comments on blogs and websites and many other scam programs where they loose their hard earned money.

Please Note, there is no short cut to making genuine money on the internet. Your financial breakthrough will only come as you make conscious effort towards achieving desired results. Before, you consider a particular system of earning income online there are things you must consider.

KNOWLEDGE You must first of all get yourself acquainted with how money is being made on the internet, this you can learn from those who are already making head ways internet business.

ABILITY TO SOLVE PROBLEM. The internet is not a money printing machine but a platform where millions of people visit daily from all parts of the world to find solutions to problems. Money will not just jump out of the computer screen and land on your lap, you must be ready to help others solve problems online and get paid for a job well done.

PATICENCE, PERSISTENCE AND PERSEVERANCE.  To earn income online, you need to be patience and be persistent even when you have not received a dime. And you must quit trying even when failure steer you on the face. Remember they say “WINNERS NEVER QUIT and QUITTERS NEVER WIN” If you refuse to Quit, you will surely going to smile to the bank at the end of the day.

With this winner mentality you can now start searching income opportunities through which you can make legitimate income online. Below are some genuine internet businesses to consider.

INFORMATION MARKETING.  This involves generating income through writing and sales of information products e.g eBooks, tapes CD, DVDs). These information products may be the ones you created or owned by others.

ARTICLE MARKETING. Article marketing is another legitimate way to earn income online. It involves writing articles and sales letters for website/blog publishers. You can do a search on Google and Yahoo to find several websites that have writing job opportunities for freelance writers.

WEBSITE DESIGNING. You can also earn income designing websites for companies and publishers online. In fact this is a very lucrative business.

BLOGGING.   Internet Blogging is one way through which you can make lots of money. You can setup a free blog at Blogger or WordPress and use it to promote any idea or products that give you some income.

GOOGLE ADSENSE REVENUE. Online advertising is money making opportunities on the internet. Google the search engine giant generate billions of Dollars as revenue annually from advert sales. Some percentage of this huge revenue is shared among companies and individuals who assist Google in publishing those adverts in their websites/blog. So Google adsense is one way of making clean money online your blog.

AFFILIATE MARKETING. You can also make lots of cash selling products and services for companies online through affiliate membership. Amazon.com and Click bank are two most credible affiliate companies online, so visit their websites and signup as a member.

In this article, I believe you must have found an answer to the question of where to find money on the internet. Now you know the various internet money making programs to adapt and the ones to avoid, so take steps to actualize your desire to make money on the internet.

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Remain bless.
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