How to Start Transport Business, Even if you Don’t Own a Trailer (Haulage)

Inadequate transportation has being a major hindrance to the rapid development of Nigeria. One daily basis, farmers and manufacturers go through stress moving farm produce and finished goods from one part of Nigeria to the other all because of poor transportation system.

Although, the federal Government of Nigeria has being making concerted effort towards reviving the rail transport system in the country but all to no avail.

However, the challenges thrown up by inadequate transportation system in the country has opened up opportunities for willing individuals/organizations to invest in transport business and make money for themselves. And who says you can’t be one of those genuine investors the country is looking for, yes you can make cool money if you desire.

In fact, with just a trailer you can start haulage business in Nigeria and make hundreds of thousands of Naira daily moving raw materials and finished goods to different parts of the country. Even if you can’t afford to buy a trailer of your own, you can simply hire one from those who are willing to rent out theirs and make money with it.

STEP ONE. Legalize your Transport business by getting it registered with corporate affairs commission. PLEASE, READ MY PREVIOUS POST FOR C.A.C BUSINESS REGISTRATION PROCEDURE.

STEP TWO. Learn and understand the technicalities involved in transportation business such as ability to determine the weight of goods you want to transport and choosing the right type of trailers or trucks that can convey goods easily. This will enable you render quality services to client without incurring any loses at the end.

STEP THREE. Get your self acquainted with trailer drivers and transport companies in Nigeria you can hire trucks, tanker and trailers from to move your clients  goods to their destination.

STEP FOUR. Introduce your haulage business to individuals, importers, exporters and manufacturing companies who may have need of moving goods for supply or from the port to other part of the country. Also, go major commodity markets
With, consistent marketing effort, you are sure of getting phone calls from individuals and companies who will give jobs to do.

In this article I have tried as much as possible to simplify how you can start transport (Haulage) business by hiring a trailer even you can’t afford to buy one of your own. Well, what is left now is for you to act on this information to make money.
Take charge.

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