Make Money selling Mobile phones Like Slot Nigeria

The ever increasing demand for mobile phones in Nigeria has led to the importation of all manner of handsets into the country. A visit to the computer Village in Ikeja/Lagos will give you a clearer picture of the different brand of mobile phones that are available in the Nigerian market. I know you will not be surprise if I say most of the mobile phones being sold in the market are not durable because, you must have at one time bought a phone that packed up shorting after purchase. And the worst thing is that must of seller will bluntly refusal to replace the phone or give you a refund. Are looking for company that sells quality and affordable mobile phones with twelve months guarantee? If yes, then go to Slot Nigeria, they are dealers in major brands of mobile phones like Nokia, Samsung, Black Berry, iphones and Sony Ericsson etc. Slot Nigeria has sales outlets along Simbiat Abiola road Ikeja, Kofo Abayomi Street Apapa Lagos, Abuja and in other parts of the country. A visit to their sales out in Ikeja-Lagos will tell you the company is really making money based on the number of people that patronize them daily. Also, if you want to setup a profitable mobile phone sales business in the country then Slot is a company you can use as a model.
To make Millions of Naira from sales of mobile phones like Slot, below is the steps you should follow.
Get your business registered with C.A.C as a limited liability company or an enterprise.
Site your sales out in a suitable location.
Get distributorship of major mobile phone brands in the country. Alternatively, you can buy from established distributors or importers.
Sell at reasonable prices to attract more people to buy your product. Visit Slot sales outlets and get the price list of mobile phones.
Offer 3-6 months guarantee on every product purchased from your shop. The guarantee should include after sales repair or outright replacement in case the mobile phone suddenly develop fault.This will give customers peace of mind and they will buy more and even advertise your company to relatives/friends free of charge.
Advertise your products. To make money continuously from sales of mobile phones, you will need to advertise your products to members of the public through radio, national dailies and television. Though these medium of advertising is expensive but it is effective. Alternatively, you can use the internet to advertise by creating a website, facebook fanpage, and place advertise on major forums e.g. Nairaland.
Employ competent and dedicated staff with good customer relationship skills. Indeed, you can make millions of Naira selling mobile phones like Slot Nigeria but you may need to take steps to actualize it, otherwise it will just be a mere dream.
All things are possible to them that believe and take necessary steps to make it real. See you at the top!

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