Ice Block Making Machines In Nigeria

To make maximum profit from the ever increasing demand for Ice block in Nigeria, there is a need you purchase some Ice block machines with capacity to produce large quantities of ice blocks per day to meet the needs of customers.

Currently, we have two types of ice block making machines being sold in Nigeria. The imported Ice block machines and the locally fabricated Ice block machines.
How ever these two categories of Ice block making machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. But you are very free to make your choice base on the capacity of the machines you want, purchasing cost and availability of spare parts within Nigeria.
But it’s advisable for entrepreneurs with little capital to go for the locally fabricated Ice block machines because it is affordable and the spare parts needed to carry out repair works are readily available in Nigeria.

Well, if you have a large financial base and you are interested in setting up a large scale Ice block making business in Nigeria, you can go for the imported Ice block making machine but just make sure you have stock pile of spares parts for ease repair of the machine when any fault arises.
Below is a price list of different capacity of locally fabricated Ice block making machines in Nigeria to choose from.
Ice block/day  Cost (N)      Hours    Generator
72blocks             850, 000     3-4hrs     15kva

120blocks          900, 000     8hrs          15kva
144blocks           950, 000     8hrs          20kav
168blocks            1.1M                8hrs          20kva
Automatic (24pcs)1.25M   1hr             20kva
30blocks                           N250.000      3-4hrs      7.5kva
50blocks                           N400.000       3-4hrs     7.5kva
100blocks                         N550, 000       8hrs         15kva
The prices of this locally fabricated Ice block machines and I will like to let you know that with this Ice block machines you can make huge profits from Ice block production business in Nigeria.
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    Love your writeup and am interested in getting the ice block making machine(30 blocks).
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