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How to make 100percent profits selling Bulk SMS (Nigeria)

The use of bulk SMS is one cheap and effective means of sending information to a large number of people at once through their GSM phones in Nigeria. I never knew how effective sending bulk SMS is until recently when I started using it to send information to the GSM phones of my numerous clients. In fact sending Bulk SMS has really helped in directing huge traffic to my blog NaijaBizCom and also increased the sales of my information products. 

The potentials in Bulk SMS business has not being fully tapped in Nigeria, only very few individuals and companies have started using bulk SMS to reach clients. While the majority of individuals, companies, churches, mosques, schools and order organizations have yet to know the benefit of using bulk SMS not to talk of using it.

Therefore the sales of bulk SMS in Nigeria is indeed a very profitable business opportunity in Nigeria. You can start with just N2000 only and through bulk SMS business you are sure to make 100% profits. N2000 is enough to purchase 1000units of bulk SMS at rate of N2per SMS and you can then sell at the rate of N3.50-N4per SMS to companies, churches and mosques. Selling this 1000units at the rate of say N4per SMS will give you a profit of N2000, which is 100percent.
Therefore, to start making profits through the sales of bulk SMS in Nigeria, here are few things you must put in place.

DATA BASE OF PHONE NUMBERS. These large quantities of phone numbers you can also sell to clients to do campaign.
HOW TO MARKET YOUR BULK SMS BUSINESS.  After you have put the above in place, you will then proceed to look for customers who will buy bulk SMS from you. Go to or Send a letter introducing your bulk SMS business to religious and corporate organization in your area, telling them about your bulk SMS business and how easy and cost saving benefits they will derive using bulk SMS to reach theirs members or clients. Your ability to convinced customers to buy your bulk SMS will go a long way to you generate steady income through bulk SMS business in Nigeria.
Also, If need to buy large quantities of bulk SMS to start generating income for yourself.

Please call this number. 08081632025

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