How to Export Kola Nut from Nigeria to Europe and America.

livestock feeds manufacturingIntroduction

Do you know that the kola nut we chew daily in Nigeria; is actually an important commodity that can be exported to livestock feeds manufacturing companies in Europe & America?

Benefits of Kola Nut

Kola nut have stimulating properties (caffeine) and thus is being used as raw materials by , Beverage, soft drinks and pharmaceutical companies in America, UK, Germany, and France make use of large quantities of Caffeine and some other extracts of kola to produce fast moving products. Products like, Energy Drinks, beverage drinks, tea, herbal drugs, Beauty soaps, sweets, Chewing gum and beauty creams just to mention a few.

Producers of Kola Nut

As we all know, Kola nut is a fruit widely grown in Nigeria especially in states like Oyo, Ogun, Oshun, Ekiti and Ondo.

Demand for Kola Nut

And since kola nut is in high demand in America and large quantities of the commodity can be sourced easily in country. It therefore means that kola nut export to America and Europe is profitable. And who so ever start the business and get as many foreign buyers of kola nut is sure to make cool Dollars/Euros as profits regularly.

Steps To Start Kola Nut Export

Therefore, to educate you on how to quickly start the business I have packaged a Pdf manual for interested individuals. This manual contains the following important information on kola nut export business.
How to reach foreign buyers of kola- nut in Europe and America.
Where to source cheap kola nuts in Nigeria.
How to process kola-nut for export.
Best and secured method of receiving payment from export.
Shipping and ports procedures for commodities export in Nigeria.
How to obtain export clearance from Nigeria customs.
The cost of the kola nut export manual is just N5, 000 only (bank Transfer), to order a copy please pay the sum of N5, 000 to any Gtbank.
Account Number. 001-030-8742.
Account Name. Ojo Otaru.
After payment please text. Your Name, bank teller number and your email address to +2348081632025 and immediately after confirmation of payment the pdf manual will be forwarded to your email inbox.

Alternative method of paying for theĀ  kola nut pdf manual.


Export in Nigeria is real and profitable but not until you take steps, before you can reap benefits it can offer. Take a step and you not regret it!
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