List of Approved and Prohibited Export Commodities (Nigeria)

Are you planning to start a profitable export business in Nigeria and don’t know which commodity to really ship to the UK, America and Asian countries.
Well, let me inform you that the federal government of Nigeria through its agency the federal Ministry of trade and commerce has recently rolled out a list of approved and prohibited items that can and can not be exported from in Nigeria.
This list is to serve as a guide to new comers and already established exporters, to know the different commodities they can ship out of the country and the ones they can’t.

Therefore, below is a list of some approved and prohibited items; this will help you to identify which to ship to foreign buyers abroad to make cool cash.
Hardwood Charcoal, Dried Chilies, Cocoa beans, Gum Arabic, Shear butter, Sesame seeds, shrimps, raw and processed cashew, bitter kola, Ginger, garlic, kola nut and cassava chips. Etc
Garri, cassava flour, Yam flour, beans flour, Vegetable oil, palm kernel oil, plantain chips, potato chips and Grounded rice etc.
Like Adire clothing (Tie and die), beautiful beads, wood/metal carvings, fine pottery, woven baskets and Drums etc.
Soaps and detergents, furniture, industrial chemicals, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks/beverages, electrical fittings and wires, body creams, pesticides and insecticides.etc
Coal, granite, lead ore, gem stones, zinc ore, iron ore, copper, marble, calcium and carbonate etc
Below is the list of COMMODITIES PROHIBITED.
Artifacts, Antiquities, elephants, Lion, moneys, Eagle etc, scrap metals, maize and unprocessed rubber. Etc
Therefore, it advisable as an exporter to always refer to this approved and prohibited list for export in Nigeria. Failure to follow the list when carry out export can lead to your products being ceased at the port by the Nigeria customs. So, you are warned.
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Take care and wishing you the best.

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  1. good work .kindly update your information to reflect current status of list of prohibited/approved export items as at 2015.thanks

  2. Thanks for your great work. Please kindly inform me if other things are added to the list prohibited items for export. Once and thank you.

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