How to Acquire Trouble Free Property for Business In Lagos Nigeria.

Acquiring landed property such as land for building a factory or an Office building for your business in Lagos Nigeria can be very discouraging, especially if you don’t know the processes and procedures involved in buying, leasing and letting out of land and buildings.
Due to Ignorance, a lot of private individuals and business men while trying to acquire some properties for business have lost huge sums of money to dubious land speculators, estate agents and some area boys who let out, lease or sold lands and buildings that turned out to be problematic.
Therefore, if you must rent an office space, lease or buy land and other landed property in 
Lagos/Nigeria then you must be extra careful when transacting property related business to avoid being defrauded. 
So, below are tips that will help you identify legitimate property in Lagos/Nigeria, spot honest estate agents and carry out save and secured transactions (payments).
Before buying a land or building normally the estate agent or owner of such property has to take you to site for inspection. During the inspection with the agent or land owner all you will hear is sweet talk that will persuade you to quickly part with your money. They wouldn’t tell you if it is a disputed land or not. So to save your self from their antics its advisable you revisit the site alone to make enquiries about the property from people in the neighborhood they may provide you with good information that will help you take the right decisions concerning the purchase of the property.
Also, you may need to verify the estate agent properly to know the manner of person you want do business with. To do this, try to pay a visit to his/her office without prior notice.
We can not all be doctors, accounts, lawyers and engineers at the same time. We must engage the services of experts to help us in areas we lack necessary experience.
This therefore means that if you have problem with your health, the best person to handle your case is a doctor. If it is financial meet an account for solution. If your car is faulty meet an engineer to help fix it.
So also when it comes to buying a land or building to set up a business, the best person that can help you handle your property business matters effectively is a lawyer.
Therefore, try and engage the services of a competent property lawyer in NIgeria to help you check if is legitimate, if the documents are genuine or fake and to also make sure no stone is left unturned as far the transaction is concerned.
Finally, make sure you don’t pay for the property with physical cash, channel your payment through the bank using a cross bank cheque. Using a cross bank cheque will make it possible to tell your bankers to quickly stop payment, if you discover the transaction was fraudulent.
I believe with this important information in your hands you can now take bold in renting or buying land and building you have in mind to set up your business and generate income.

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