How to generate Income from Football in Nigeria and still enjoy the game.

Have you noticed that football the round leather game is no longer just a game played for the fun of it, but now a business where money is invested and profit made in cash?
Football world wide is now a profitable business, if you consider the huge amount of money being spent annually by FIFA, National football associations, European Football clubs, media companies, sponsors and advertisers to promote the game.
It may surprise you to hear that FIFA is not just a world football body saddled with the 
responsibility of regulating how football is played but it also generate Income (money) in billions of Dollars annually from big sponsors like Coca-cola and others.
On the other hand, Football clubs in Europe also invest billions of Euros to build magnificent stadium, buy expensive players and hire seasoned football managers in anticipation of making huge profit from gate fees, sales of players and sponsorship from big companies.
You will discover that big media companies jostle to acquire juicy radio and television broadcast rights of football matches all in a bid to make money from football.
Football Sponsors like Coca-cola pay huge amount of cash to promote different football leagues, sponsor FIFA tournaments and pay endorsement money to footballers in other to advertise their brands directly to millions of football fans watching live matches on Television, yes they want to make money using football as a platform.
Also, do you know that Christiano Rolando makes money in over a hundred thousand pounds per week in Real Madrid the same with other football stars like Lionel Messi of Barcelona FC and Didier Drugbar of Chelsea football club.
All these are no doubt facts that go to show that football is nothing but a very profitable business with good returns on money invested.
Therefore, don’t just fold your hands and watch footballers, FIFA and clubs make billions of dollars from the game while you stay in a corner looking at them. 
So, as a passionate follower of football, you can start now to plan how you too can turn your passion into making money for yourself while you enjoy the game.
To quickly help turn your passion into making money from football, here is how you can generate income from football in Nigeria and still enjoy the game.

FOOTBALL VIEWING CENTER.  Setting up a television viewing center is one way you can generate quick cash from football in Nigeria. The English, Spanish and Italian football leagues in have recent times become so popular in Nigeria, that a lot of football fans wouldn’t mind to cancel important appointments to be able watch live football matches that involves their favorite European club sides and footballers. And if the public power supply company refuses to provide electricity they just go straight to the nearest football viewing centers and pay money to the owner of center to watch live telecasts of midweek and weekend match football fixtures. 
FOOTBALL BETTING. Football betting is all about predicting the outcome or results of football games by staking with your money. You can make money from betting when you predict correctly outcomes of football games and you have bet with certain amount of money. Predicting a Win or A Loss will qualify you for a WIN (profit), if your prediction is correct while a draw outcome means you have lost and the betting company wins (profit). Akin Alabi is an example somebody generating huge income from football in Nigeria through
NOTE In football betting you can make huge profit in short time when your are correct and you can also loose huge amount of money if your predictions are wrong so be careful.
START SALES OF FOOTBALL WARES. You can quickly make money from football by selling football wares to friends, neighbors and football followers in your area. Some of the football wares you can easily buy and sell to make money are branded jerseys and other souvenir of clubs like Chelsea Fc, Manchester united, Barcelona Fc and Real Madrid Fc etc. 

FOOTBALL MAGAZINE PUBLICATION. To make money from football you can chose to start the publication of football magazine or newspaper. To start football printing and publishing business you will need to write and print relevant information will delight football fans and they will want to buy and read your magazine.
So, your football publications must contain information that will keep football fans in Nigeria abreast with current happenings in the world of football.  

SET UP A FOOTBALL BLOG. If the cost of publishing and printing a football magazine or newspaper is too expensive, you can decide to set up a free blog on the internet with or .

And then start posting useful articles on football, update results of football matches and analysis of the English premiership league, Spanish lar liga, Italian series etc.

This information on blog will help followers of the game stay in touch with current happenings in the world of football. But you will need a lot of online traffic to get football lovers to visit your blog. So make sure your blog is well promoted online and offline to get tons of traffic.

And you get enough traffic on your blog; you can now start making money through Google Adsense and other online companies as an affiliate marketer.
RADIO AND TELEVISION FOOTBALL PROGRAMS. Radio and Television are very powerful medium for promoting and making money from the game of football. Billions of people world wide always stayed glue to their radio and television sets to listen or watch live matches being organized by FIFA or National football associations.

The 2010 world cup hosted by South Africa and the recent European championship league final staged in wimbling UK can attest as to how big manufacturers, services providers paid to use radio and TV to advertise their products to teaming followers of football world wide. So, if can not afford to establish a radio or television station of your own, then while not buy air time from any of the local radio or TV station in your Nigeria and start anchoring your own football program. You will be surprised as that your program becomes very popular, big companies may then want to pay money to advertise their goods/services.
I believe, with this piece of information you can now see how few people are making billions of dollars through the game of football annually. You can join the league of people making money from football, if you take necessary steps to actualize the ideas in this article.

The ideas are simple and easy to implement, so as you make quick moves, you will be surprise how fast money will come your way.
Remain bless.

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