How to Register and obtain NAFDAC Approval for packaged Consumable products In Nigeria.

Fake drugs and substandard packaged foods, have sent a large numbers of people in Nigeria to their early graves simply because these products are widely available and sold in chemist shops and some times in the open market at cheap prices.

 To stamp out this ugly trend from the country, the federal government of 
 Nigeria through the National Agency for Foods, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has put some drastic measures in place to checkmate the activities of some dubious business men who import/produce and flood our market with harmful drugs, cosmetics, foods and chemicals.
NAFDAC as an agency of the Federal government have been authorized by law to register products, regulate and control the importation/ distribution of products in Nigeria.  It also carries out regular inspection on imported goods in various ports and also monitors companies that manufactured drugs, cosmetics and packaged foods in Nigeria to ascertain if their production facilities are okay and their products safe for human consumption.
In fact, the NAFDAC authorities have gone far in the eradication of fake/substandard products in Nigeria. They have from time to time confiscated and destroyed tons of fake drugs, foods; bottled water, cosmetics and chemicals that is worth billions of Naira.
Therefore, if you have not gotten an approval for that product you are manufacturing or marketing in Nigeria, its better you go and register quickly to avoid NAFDAC sealing up your factory and also blacklist your product from being sold in the country.Just think of the effort, time and money you have invested into your business, it must not go down the drain!
To start the registration of your product with NAFDAC, below are the requirements/conditions you must meet before you get approval and certificate of compliance.
1.   First thing, you will need to obtain a registration form (D-REG/001) from any NAFDAC offices in Nigeria or still you can download it from their website. (check website address at the end of this post)
2.   Fill the registration form and write an application letter. Note. Your application letter should contain the Name of the manufacturer and brand name of the product.
3.   The completed Registration Form and letter of application for each product should be returned to NAFDAC registration department with the following items:
·         Five copies of written report for the product.
·         Three packets of product samples. (drugs, cosmetics or food)
·         Name and copies of the current license of your company’s Superintendent/production pharmacists or Chemist.
·         The Registration License you obtained from Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) that allows you to use your present factory for drug production. Or a license obtained from relevant professional bodies.
·         Pay registration fees at NAFDAC designated bank. Below are the registration fees for various products.
·         Pharmaceutical drugs produced in Nigeria cost =N25, 000 to N70, 000.
·         Pesticides/Chemicals cost =N40, 000.
·         Cosmetics cost= N40, 000
·         Sachet Water cost=N30, 000
·         Bottled Water cost=N50, 000
·         Packaged Foods cost= N40, 000
·         Herbal drugs cost=N10, 000 to N20, 000.
4.   To quicken the approval of your products, you will need to fix a date and invite NAFDAC officials to come and inspect your factory/production facilities.
With the above information, I’m quite sure you must have discovered the importance of obtaining NAFDAC approval for your product and how to go about the registeration with ease.
Stay Blessed.

15 Responses to How to Register and obtain NAFDAC Approval for packaged Consumable products In Nigeria.

  1. Abubakar Sediq says:

    having understand the requirement for nafdac registration,i stil want to ask for the duration to register a product.

  2. mary oluwabunmi says:

    tnx 4 all d production guides, God will reward you abundantly. pls, i will appreciate informations on IZAL production. d process, likely prices in 5LRTS, 25litres etc. thnx

  3. ayo-ajayi mrs says:

    tnk u so much sir/ma. pls what happens whn u dnt hv a factory yet.what about producing from d hse.



  5. taiwo agesin says:

    I produce in small quantity in my house.i am stil a serving corper and I want to get a nafdac nos for bleach,air freshner,insecticide killer,liquidsoap,dettol and izal.pls how much is it.h

  6. Michael says:

    pls do I need to reg my pure company with the CAC before getting the NAFDAC no.

  7. Anyika Ngozi says:

    Pls I don’t have factory yet but need to hav nafdac approval for insecticide, disinfectant in all kind, perfume, liquid soap, jelly and cream.

  8. Olumide Lucas says:

    I’m into a marketing of Bottled Honey; package and brand is done by me; how could I get NAFDAC Registration.


  9. chinwemdu ogbonna says:

    what of the person or group of persons that ackowledged the important of NAPDAC registration but they want to register for small scall business, though, they will be packaging a particular food product here in Nigeria.
    But they do not have a factory for now? can’t they recieve or obtain a registration certificate from NAPDAC?

  10. ikhenoba Thomas says:

    Want to start a garri packaging factory, n am so interested in the hygiene of my consumer, how do I go about the production? N how much is the cost?

  11. Vivian says:

    Please, must one have separate business name registered with corporate affairs even when you already have incorporated company.

  12. iyebi says:

    am about starting a mini yourgut business packaged by me in a mini shop,how much does it cost

  13. UMORU ADEJO says:


  14. Awollo says:

    I want to start a custard powder production from my house, can I get nafdac number like that? Thanks

  15. Oriemie says:

    pls I won’t to start a small yoghurt company and I don’t have a factory yet what can I do to optain a nafdac number pls I need an urgent answer

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