How to Export Ginger from Nigeria and make huge profit


How to export Ginger from Nigeria and make huge profit

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is root plant with high medicinal and food value, the plant is cultivated in large quantities by many farmers in Nigeria especially in the northern part.The ginger root is used in Nigeria mostly to produce herbal medicines and in homes to spice up food. The root can be found virtually in every local market in Nigeria either dried or fresh.Aside Nigeria, other countries where Ginger roots is grown and exported largely are Brazil, India, China, Jamaica, Australia and Sierra Leone.
The demand for Ginger in the international market has gone up significantly because the root is now being used as raw material in manufacturing process.

Ginger oil extract is used as raw material for producing drugs, foods and confectioneries by companies in America, Canada, Japan, Morocco Ginger and some countries in Europe and these are the major importers of Ginger.

Demand for Ginger

In the international market Ginger is very high demanded and therefore opportunities exist for new comers who want to start Ginger export business. Even some small scale industries have sprung up in the northern parts of Nigeria where Ginger root is now been processed into oil for export and local foods companies in Nigeria to produce foods/drinks like ginger drinks, ginger biscuits ,ginger sweets etc.
Dried Ginger is sold in the international market at the rate of $4000/metric ton (N600,000) while in the local market it’s sold for $2,400(N350, 000) just do a rough calculation and see how much money you stand to make if you can get a buy for just one ton, not to talk of 10meteric tons or even 100metric ton of ginger.
Please note. The price of Ginger in the local market may vary in fact you can get it cheaper if you deal with farmers and producers of Ginger oil in the villages.
Indeed export business in Nigeria is a hot cake and only very few people have discovered it. That’s why the Nigerian export promotion council has step up its campaign to enlighten more Nigerians on the need to embrace the non crude oil export business opportunities in the country, as a means of reducing poverty and to diversify the Nigerian economy from been crude oil dependent.
I believe the export of Ginger root and Ginger oil from Nigeria is indeed another profitable business opportunities entrepreneurs can use to make money.
Become an exporter of Ginger and start making some cool cash. It will pay you a lot because the demand for Ginger is high and the price is favorable in the international market.
So make up your mind fast to become an export of Ginger and other agricultural products from Nigeria because others have already started making huge profit by exporting agricultural products from Nigeria to the international

Steps To Start Ginger Export

To start and make money exporting Ginger from Nigeria, you need to get more information on the following.
How to Contact foreign buyers of Nigeria Ginger.
How to get them to sign export contract with you.
How to contact of local exporters in Nigeria.
How to make money from export brokerage business right in your room without capital.
Where to source for cheap Ginger in Nigeria.
Method of payment recognized in export business.
Export business documentation.
These and many more information I have packaged in a pdf manual to enable you start easily.
To order a copy of the PDF manual on
Ginger export please pay the
sum of N5000 only to any Gtbank (bank Transfer),
A/C. Number:001-030-8742,


After payment text your name, ur e-mail address &bank teller number to
08081632025 and immediately a copy of the export manual (PDF) will be sent to
your email box.
Alternative method of paying for the Ginger export manual pdf.
If you are in Us Dollar please use the Liberty Reserve payment button below
to do that. After which you email your details to for
quick delivery of the manual to your inbox

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    i’ve been trying for years on how to export ginger but could not breakeven.pls show me how to process my papers for ginger exportation, and how to get buyers from abroad.Thanks for bringing light to my life.Thanks

  3. Onyekachi Chidiadi says:

    Please am in nigeria how do I sell my ginger in america

  4. Anonymous says:

    How can I export ginger outside Nigeria?

  5. Awoyemi olubunmi .j says:

    Dear sir how Can i get foreign buyers to my goods across the word.

  6. Dogarah Thomas says:

    pls how can i get money and the buyer to start the exportation of ginger cause i live in a ginger producing community that produce ginger thausand of metic tones

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    i have an ngo,pls how can we get u to teach our youths how to export ginger

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    A very good project

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    Hello,I’m interested on ginger export from Nigeria to other countries.I need foreign buyers and your assistance.

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    iam a buyer and i want to export it to foreign country if need be

  12. Iwora says:

    Does any body have pure original honey directly from farmers for sale. Contact me. 07039814540

  13. John Jacob says:

    thank you for adding more knowledge to me and i hope that it works well for all of us. pls sir, am just a beginner. what is my fate if i venture in this business

  14. Hassan says:

    I am from ginger producing area in southern kaduna,i personally have ginger farm in my area,i wil like to be connected to the manufacturing companies that need it as raw materials.

  15. Maxwell Ekalaba says:

    i will be going in to ginger farming next year that is 2016. But how can i get buyers?. and how can i export my product?

  16. Tupe Rushikesh Vilas says:

    I am Rushikesh Tupe Maharashtra Satara
    my area ginger good quality available is 500 tons
    I am exited and give prifit in export
    so plese TC

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    Am JOSHUA Izundu.
    With long history of Business in southern Kaduna state.With office in Chikun local Gorvernment Area.
    We know the people + terrin + Good Ginger + all possible danger to avoid or manage.We have capacity to source any quantity of Good Quality Ginger (with cash or trust)for intrested reliable Ginger Buyer at compitive price + considerable commission + zero Risk.
    Payment can be on delivery. +2349039076667. Or +2348094649964.

  18. Chacko says:

    I will require raw Ginger/dried ginger. Please let me have your phone number

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    I want to start a business of ginger buyers and sales and I need business partners for a foreign gate light in market.

  20. Olanrewaju Maxwell says:


    Can we get such a write up for Avocado, Garlic and seismic seed?

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    I want to know how i can syart export brokerage in Nigeria without capital

  22. Samuel musa says:

    Very interesting topics have been discussed so far about the exportation of some raw agricultural resources and I think am in for this export business..We need to grow the nairn.

  23. priscilla Nekre chube says:

    I am mrs Priscilla Nekre Chube,I want to be exporting ginger at most cheapest prize to ginger buyers I need business partners n connection to start up cos am rily ready.

  24. Ghazali Iliyasu Abdu says:

    i want join the ginger business and i know how to get it from farmers but i am a Graduate and i dont have Capital how do i get, please.

  25. Celestine Okolie says:

    Am in need of farmers of ginger that can supply good quality dried ginger at competitive prices

    • Adam J.B says:

      We have fully licensed and capable to export it all over the world.
      So, what’s the reference on how u want it to be, pls. I.e. how do you want to start.
      Is an urgently.
      Thank u.



  27. Yakubu R. Marshal says:

    Hi, iam interested in paying for the manual, except that your office address is not shown. Do let me know your address pls. Thanks for your prompt response.

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    Ginger exportation seems to profitable but many of us Nigeria don’t known how to make it, help out pls

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    I have both fresh and dry chip ginger in large quantity for sale and need buyers

  30. hamisu hassan abba says:

    I have many farmers dat invest ginger how can I get foreign buyers

  31. prisca A. says:

    Can l export garri and beniseed, if yes how can l start

  32. Sammy Adams says:

    Hello,interesting write up.I hail from the largest ginger/best quality ginger producing community in African (confirmed by some Europeans from Netherlands) few months back. I m into large scale ginger farming right now and looking for international buyers or exporters. This has been our preoccupation for centuries now but we are just getting compensation for it with the latest international demand for ginger.
    If you can be of help to me and my people, we do be glad to have you as a partner in this business. Thank you.

  33. .Fred says:

    Please I have more than enough ginger to export to any country. …

  34. honorable king says:

    I have 2 hectares of ginger farm how do I get the foreign buyers

  35. kashim gombe says:

    we have several exportable commodoties up north and middle belt, can i collaborate with you on a commission basis? we have a huge supply base.

  36. Angela Iyoriobhe says:

    Thank you for the impacted information. Please how can I source for genuine foreign buyer for ginger, cashew and cocoa beans?

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  41. Daniel says:

    Please what risk(s) will i likely encounter as a starter in this line of business

  42. Luka Shagbo says:

    I can supply supply tons of ginger to any buyer in and outside Nigeria.
    We are predominantly the farmers of ginger in Kaduna state
    Contact me

  43. Jimoh fatai kolawole says:

    I want to start the business sell of ginger outside the country what can i do

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    My name is francis ogu export has been my dream for edges especially on agric product to Europe and America how do I go about it please help me I’m in need.

  45. Aliyu Mas'ud Musawa says:

    Hailed from northern Kaduna, hundred of thousands of metric tonnes of ginger are cultivated annually,

  46. Tony Nlechi. says:

    Please educate And Link me more on this Ginger business. Thanks.

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    I want a tip on how to market Roselle(zobo)this is my number

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    keenly interested in ginger exportation,please kindly give me a contact in other to start the business in earnest.

  49. Pastor John A. Tubonemi says:

    I have ginger to sell locally, pls connect me to local buyers in Abuja.

  50. Osawaru Odion says:

    please am interested in agriculture product exportation how do I go about what do I need to know

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    I am a local suplier,how should i start suplying ginger outside nigeria(international bussiness of giger)

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