Solid minerals Investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Due to advancement in science and technology, the industrialized countries of the world spend billions of dollars annually on import of solid minerals for manufacturing purposes.

Solid minerals have become an important raw materials used in the manufacturing of component parts for products like, mobile phone, computer systems, Air craft, Nuclear power generation and other scientific equipment manufacturing.
It will interest you to know that Nigeria has abundant of opportunities for entrepreneurs to make real wealth in mining and exporting of solid minerals.
Apart from been one of the largest exporters of crude oil, Nigeria is greatly endowed with nothing less than 30types of solid minerals and some of these solid minerals can be found in commercial quantities in over 400 locations in the 36states of the federal republic of Nigeria.
Below are some important solid minerals deposits in Nigeria.
llmenit Rutile, Zinc,Lithium
Copper, Silver,Tantalite
Bentolonite,   Limestone,  Clay
Dolomite, Bismuth, Molybdensite
Granite,Magnesite,  Marble
Silica sand, Rock salt,Amethyst
Beryl,Sapphire, Tourmaline
Emerald,   Topaz, Garnet
Ruby, Coal,  Bitumen
The list of solid mineral deposits above has clearly shown that, Nigeria has one of the highest concentrations of different verities of solid minerals in Africa.
Most of the solid mineral deposits in Nigeria have remained largely under exploited, due to the over reliance on crude oil for revenue generation by previous government in Nigeria.
The present democratic government in Nigeria as instituted a new economic frame work that will open up the solid mineral sector to help create an alternative source of revenue generation for the country.
Therefore, the government has put in place favorable policies to encourage genuine investors (both local and foreign) to come and exploit the abundant solid mineral resources in Nigeria for export.
I believe the government must have thought wisely to encourage genuine investors to come in the solid mineral extraction business, instead of allowing some few illegal miners to feed fat on these resources without paying tax to the government.
The government of Nigeria, through the Federal ministry of solid minerals development has really setup it campaign to encourage interested local and foreign investors to come and invest solid minerals sector.
So, if you are interested in taking advantage in the profitable business opportunities the Nigerian solid mineral industry offers, then you are very free to take necessary steps.
There is huge profit to be made but before you can come into solid mineral business, you need to get an operating license from the Federal ministry of solid minerals development Abuja/Nigeria.
Also, you can take advantage of these solid mineral business opportunities to make cook cash by liaising with genuine local mining companies/brokers in Nigeria.
With this you are sure to receive what ever consignment of solid minerals that are well packaged to meet international standard at a reasonable fee.

How to Acquire license solid mineral extraction in Nigeria.

I’m believe, you have gotten some useful information in this article concerning the investment opportunities in the solid minerals sector of the Nigeria economy. I’m very sure if the ideas is applied, you will definitely be on your way to making enough wealth through solid minerals business in Nigeria. 
Act fast and don’t wait for opportunities to pass you bye.
Success is yours.
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