How to Start Packaging of Raw Food Items For Sale.


The repackaging of food items on a small scale is a profitable business venture will give good return on investment.

In fact, it’s a business you will never regret why you invested your time and money because; you will surely be smiling to the bank.

Repackaging of foodstuff in Nigeria as become a big business because people can not survive without eating food on a daily bases.
The business involves buying raw food like rice, Garri,beans, Dried Cryafish,dried pepper in bulk then package them in to small quantity for sell at retail prices.
Where to buy food items at whole sales prices
Below are some locations in Lagos/ Nigeria where you can get these food items to buy at whole sales prices.
1. Ogba  market
2. Shomolu  market
3. Mile12 market
4. Oyingbo  market
5. Ile-epo  market
6.Mushin market.
 Also you can do your own research to know villages in Nigeria where you can go to buy these food items from farms directly at a very cheap price.
Requirement for starting Repackaging business
Requirement for starting repackaging business.
Factory Space
This is where you will install your equipment/machinery, carry out repackaging operations and also keep your raw materials.
 You can either use a room, shop, your garage or build a small factory house if you can afford it.
But let the place be very hygienic and well ventilated.
List Of Packaging Equipment Needed

                                              a. A Dispenser

b. An Industrial sealing machine fitted to a table
c. Nylon for packaging.
d.Weighing scale
e. Chairs
f.Cartons for final packaging.
g. Power generator (between 2-5kva) is needed to power machines and other electrical equipment.
 Process for repackaging food stuffs.
1.The food items say rice is poured in to the mild steel dispenser.
2.ÂHold a packaging nylon bag directly to the discharging point of the dispenser to feed in the product.
3. After filling the bag take the product to the scale for weighing and take note of the weight in kilo grams.
4.The last step is to seal the bagged product properly to prevent leakages using a seal machine.
NAFDAC Registration
After the product is packaged in small or large packs, you can now take it to the market for sale.
Don’t forget to introduce it to your friends, relations, church members, and club members, neighbors for them to buy/to give you honest feedback about your product.
I wish you success.
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19 Responses to How to Start Packaging of Raw Food Items For Sale.

  1. Ayobola Oke says:

    Pls where can get tick nylon to package my raw food

    • Adenike orelaja says:

      U can get in Eko market buh if u want to brand ur nylon ….then u will need to meet with nylon producers/manufacturers. AV u started already

  2. Joyce says:

    Please will I need nafdac no because my details will be on the packaging , and I wouldn’t want to be in trouble with nafdac. What do you think? Thanks

  3. ifeoma says:

    This is something i seroiusly want to start now.pls can someone direct or advise me on how to start

  4. tolulope says:

    Please ma I’ve consulted nylon makers But their price is damn too high, Please can you connect me to one? need it as soon ad possible… wanna brand my nylon

  5. tolulope says:

    and Please ma o need some direction /tutoring

  6. akin says:

    a good idea for small business set up, i want to venture into garri and rice. please any advice on cost of nylon package and total cost

  7. dattiabasi says:

    Thanks for this info

  8. Chike Ngige says:

    Thanks so much for the startup business of packaging food items module,you introduced.Getting the customized nylon is the problem. Can you introduce me to one.Thanks.

  9. ordunolar says:

    Where can i get my package sealed anywer around ogunstate?And is NAFDAC so important now as a small scale business?

  10. Samuel says:

    I will also appreciate it if you can direct me to where I can get tick nylon branded

  11. Tosin says:

    Thanks for this write-up. Please make where can I get a dispenser and I feel I still need some helpful advice thank you

  12. Victoria says:

    pls where can I get thick nylon bags for packaging. Again, what’s the cost of printing on the nylon. I stay in south East of Nigeria

  13. Ak22 says:

    Please how much is bale of stockfish and where can I get it in aba any contact ?

  14. Oluwasogo says:

    Good day,i have just started a small business but i need a foil to cover the product and sealed. can you be of help on how to carry this out? i need it urgently. regards,

  15. Kazeem says:

    I want to go in food business and proposing of startup capital of#300’000.
    Please way out for the repacking? Thanks.

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