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Make Millions of Naira Cultivating Pineapple in Nigeria

On daily basis many of us in Nigeria complain bitterly of lack of money and high rate of unemployment. Whereas there are many profitable business opportunities around us that we walk pass unnoticed.

Linda Ikeji: I Make millions of naira through Blogging

“When the going gets Tough, The tough gets going” Why? “Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY”. Linda Ikeji Nigeria’s pro-blogger shares a story of the how she weather the storms of life to achieve success, fame and

How To Start A profitable Vehicle Tracking Business In Nigeria

With the current security challenges facing the country, stopping vehicle theft is not an easy thing. But with the aid of vehicle tracking devices, majority of car owners in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna Ibadan and other cities in Nigeria will

How To Export Gum Arabic from Nigeria

                    Depending on one source of income in Nigeria can be very dangerous. In fact if  that one  source of income should dry up then you are in a big trouble.

Click Bank: How to Register and make Money In Nigeria

One quick way to make reasonable amount of money in Nigeria is by selling other peoples products online. Clickbank happens to be one of the very few reputable marketing companies online where one can register as an affiliate and make

How to Start a Lucrative Travel Agency Business

Travelling from one city or country to another for business or for holiday has a lot of benefits. Travelling afford you the opportunity to see new places, learn news things, make new friends and also make money in the process.

Export Bitter Leave From Nigeria With N20,000 And Make 50% Profit

Do you know bitter leave a plant commonly used for cooking soup in Nigeria is now a hot cake abroad? The large number of Nigerians and others Africans living in America and the United Kingdom demanding for bitter leave has

Price List for laundry and dry cleaning business in Lagos Nigeria

Before fixing any charges for services rendered in your laundry and dry cleaning business, you will need to first find out the current rate being charged by other laundry practitioners in your area. This will help you to fix a

How to Use Bulk SMS Campaign to Make Money quietly Online and Offline

The advancement in information and telecommunication technology has really easy the marketing of goods and services world wide through sending of bulk SMS. The use of Bulk SMS campaign is the most effective methods of passing across urgent messages to

How to Start Transport Business, Even if you Don’t Own a Trailer (Haulage)

Inadequate transportation has being a major hindrance to the rapid development of Nigeria. One daily basis, farmers and manufacturers go through stress moving farm produce and finished goods from one part of Nigeria to the other all because of poor

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