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Five Reasons To Stop Wearing Headphones Always

Headphones are very important because they make work and travel more fun. Therefore, it’s so common today to see people strolling with their headphones. Despite the seeming advantage (s) of headphones, it should not be constantly plugged in your ears

Six Things To Do When You Miss Your Scheduled Flight

Your flight was scheduled for 10 am. But you are still in traffic or held up somewhere as at 9:30 am. You are gasping for breath fearing the worst. You arrived at the airport past 10, low and behold the

“Have a Passion for Service and to Exceed Guests Expectations” – Ubutu

Have a passion for service and to exceed guests expectations” – Ubutu In this exclusive interview with Mr. Peter Ubutu, Operations Manager for Citiheight Hotel, he sheds light on the hotel and tourism landscape in Nigeria, exceeding customers (guests) expectations

4 Great Italian Restaurants in Abuja Nigeria

Selecting a good hotel to stay in Abuja Nigeria is just one of the many steps towards having a good time in the city. Finding a great restaurant to eat comes next. It becomes a lot more convenient when you

5 Tips For Splitting Bills With Your Roommate

Tips For Splitting Bills With Your Roommate The benefits of living with a roommate include the ability to rent a larger space, share house chores and easily find friends to watch movies and interact with. Conversely, sharing a space with

How to Create Wealth Through Agriculture in Africa

African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina This month, international leaders, farmers, agribusiness executives and development experts from across the globe will get together in Des Moines, Iowa, in the United States, for the yearly symposium known as the Borlaug Dialogue,

How to Turn Trash Into Energy in 12 Hours – Bloomberg

The U.K. might soon be powering its lights with energy that comes from the trash. A Danish energy company is working on new machines that sort household trash from recycling, while rapidly breaking down organic materials like food to create

Top 5 Restaurants To Enjoy A Budget-friendly Chinese Meal In Lagos

Lagos is a cosmopolitan and commercial city where you find people from different parts of the world. A group of people that have made Lagos their home are the Chinese who came along with their cuisines. Today foreigners and Nigerians

Top 5 Luxurious Hotels For Power Visitors To Abuja

Abuja is considered as one of the most hospitable places in Nigeria. The city plays host to major business and political visitors from different parts of the country. You can treat yourself and stay in an exclusive and luxurious Abuja

5 Exciting Things To Do In The Mother City

5 Exciting Things To Do In The Mother City If you are craving real African adventure, then, The Mother City, aka Cape Town, South Africa is the place to go. There are so many exciting things to engage in the

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