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Discover 6 Ways To Successfully Manage a Business With Your Spouse

Your spouse being your business partner is not something some entrepreneurs look forward to. This is because managing a business is very demanding and requires sacrifice and compromise. But what happens if either spouse doesn’t budge? You may have to

PepsiCo CEO Shares her 3-Step Path to Advancing your Career

THE CEO of PepsiCo(NYSE: PEP),Indra Nooyi, is responsible for the growth of a $19 billion company. The products she bears some responsibility for include staples like Tropicana, Quaker Oats and Sabra Hummus. She’s one of the most powerful people in

House or Apartment: What to Choose?

House or apartment: what to choose? When you decide to move into a new place, you come with a question what to choose – a house or an apartment. There are many things you should consider. For example, how many

5 Important Signs Your Wife is a Financial Risk

Money is very important in any relationship. It is the oil that lubricates your love life. But it shouldn’t be the ultimate. Regardless of this, some people are all about the money even if you drive the best SUVs, reside

Money Saving Fashion Tips (How to Save Money on Clothes).

Statistics show that Americans spend thousands of dollars on clothing every year. If you waste too much money on clothing, it is time to take actions to control your spending. Buying clothes can cost you a lot of money especially

4 Ways To Boost Your Chances for Business Startups Loans In Nigeria

4 Ways To Boost Your Chances for Business Startups Loans In Nigeria For any start-up idea to move from the idea stage to realization, it requires a lot of resources, and one thing that can quickly take a great idea

How To Attract Customers to your Small Business

Discover How To Attract Customers to your Small Business Customers are the core to any business. There is no way your entrepreneurial business can survive if you don’t keep or maintain a steady stream of customers. However, attracting new customers

How To Set Up Your Own Law Firm In Nigeria

Want to set up your won law Firm in Nigeria and don’t know how to go about it if YES!! then read carefully the article below, In it you would find tips that would be of great help. The Legal

5 Effective Ways to Turn Your Business Startup Plan Into Reality During Recession

Converting a raw startup idea into reality is an enormous task. The onus is on you to ensure that the idea comes to a fruition notwithstanding the circumstances. This is perhaps why some Nigerians are scared to the bone about

List Of Agencies that Support Businesses in Nigeria

Entrepreneurship has to do with identifying gaps and business opportunities in one’s immediate environment and bringing together the necessary resources in an innovative way to fill those gaps, bearing the risks involved and in the process gaining personal rewards. Information

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