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7 Popular Swallows Eaten By Nigerians

A popular traditional food in Nigeria is Swallow. It is so described because rather than chewing it, you have to swallow. So, Swallow is a Nigerian food eaten with different kinds of soup. To truly enjoy swallow, you should use your hands to eat it. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No.1 food ordering platform, highlight 7 popular swallows eaten by Nigerians.

5 Tips For Having A Fun Trip With Your Significant Other

When travelling with your partner, it may be difficult to keep your cool when you are running to catch a flight or your stomach is rumbling with hunger pangs and you do not know where to satisfy it. Between painstaking travel plans and the stress of being in a strange environment, even the happiest lovers can lose it under the weight of travelling together. Notwithstanding the period you have been lovers, these tips will ensure your time on the road leaves a good lasting impression.

Lagos State Government Bans Okada, Keke From 520 Roads, Areas [full List]

Lagos State Government has released hundreds of routes where motorcycles and tricycles ​(aka Okada and Keke) ​are banned​.

The list, published ​on​ the State Government’s official website, includes major highways, bridges​.

4 Interesting Ways to Improve Customer Service

4 Interesting Ways to Improve Customer Service

In very simple terms, customer service is really just about keeping the customer happy. There are ways or strategies to employ to improve your customer service as an organization and keep your customers feeling valued, happy and satisfied that their needs are being adequately met. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 interesting ways to improve customer service.

Maintain Relationships with Top Customers

You can do this by simply ensuring that you talk to them on a schedule, that is, that you ensure that you hear from them at least once a month, just to make them feel valued. This can go a long way in helping to secure their continued loyalty.

4 Surprising Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About Flying

4 Surprising Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About Flying

Air Travel is a popular and modern means of travel with quite a number of conveniences and some peculiarities that a good number of people are unaware of. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 surprising tricks you probably didn’t know about flying.

You Can Check-In Online

In recent times, most airlines will allow you check-in online, 24 hours before your scheduled flight time. You can use this option to get better seats because often times the best seats as well as restricted seats are available during this period.

5 Ways to Find Affordable Food Anywhere You Travel

Ways to Find Affordable Food Anywhere You Travel

Food, undoubtedly is one of the biggest expenses for travellers. You can not stay hungry throughout your journey. Therefore, eating out at least two or three times a day daily is not negotiable. These food expenses can disrupt your budget even though you have made provision for it. Interestingly, there are ways to find cheap eats no matter where you are travelling to. These tips gathered by Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No.1 food ordering platform will help you discover affordable spots to eat on your next vacation.

5 Good Reasons Why Nigerians Should Always Travel Light

One of the trademarks of Nigerians is that they always love to travel heavy. When you see them at the airport, they are circled by different sizes of luggage. This luggage alongside their clothes usually contains souvenirs and gift items they want to distribute to friends and family members. Visitors who pay them welcome back visits do not expect to return home empty-handed.

5 Useful Tips to Overcome Binge Eating

The temptation to binge can indeed be one of the hardest things to overcome. However, there are some useful tips that can help deal with this temptation and help you eventually overcome it. Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No. 1 online food ordering platform, shares 5 useful tips to deal with binge eating.