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Ebola Has Been Successfully Contained In Nigeria – Health Minister

Kudos to Lagos State government for taking this matter seriously and doing the needful. After weeks of fear and apprehension, the FG has announced the containment of the dreaded Ebola Virus. Minister for Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu made the statement during a media briefing on Tuesday.

Read the full statement Below:
Today is the 38th day since the Ebola Virus Disease was imported into Nigeria by a Liberian-American.

Woman Gives Birth To Baby With 3 Legs, 4 Arms And 3 Ears In Rivers State

Port Harcourt – A middle aged woman has given birth to a baby with four legs in Aboridendeme-Ama community in Okrika Local Government area of Rivers State. Unfortunately the baby died shortly after its delivery.

A doctor at the hospital told news-men it was a deformed baby, noting that the deformity may have been caused by congenital anomaly. She said:
“the woman came with a full term pregnancy but on the time of her delivery, even her scan had shown a normal baby, but when she delivered, we saw this extra part of the baby.


“The baby had 3 legs, four arms and 3 ears; even the baby’s stomach was open that one could see the intestines.“It was so obscure that we don’t know whether she was trying to abort the child.”
Meanwhile, some residents of Aparandeleama community said they were still in shock, adding that they had never seen such a thing before.

See 9 People Who Might Cheat On You, According To Science

Let’s face it, no one wants to date a cheater. But oftentimes we don’t see the signs that our boyfriend or girlfriend is a shady little liar.

Forget him answering his phone in the closet or her being less affectionate with you. Is your girlfriend blonde? Is your guy addicted to Twitter? What’s his name? Through journal studies and surveys of users on cheating websites, science seems to know exactly what makes someone more likely to be unfaithful.But does someone’s height or name really make them any more (or less) likely to stray — or are these things strange coincidences? Well, only those who have dated these nine people may know the truth. Until you do the dating legwork, we’ll give you the facts and let you make an educated decision yourself.

SEE What These Girls Are Passing Through To Get Education

They are from Nepal, one of the Asian countries where female education is not given priority.

But these girls are ready to surmount whatever odds in their bid to get educated and lead a decent life in future.

Is Your Business Idea Great Enough To Make You Drop Out Of School?

As more university graduates in Africa go on to become entrepreneurs, while others enter a long, sometimes swerving, career paths miles away from their academic discipline, there is an rising mindset among the emerging labour force that resources – luxurious to many within the continent – could be better utilized to fund a brilliant idea than expend on a lengthy, presumingly not-s0-rewarding academic programme.

The education system – be it the learning environment, educators or infrastructure – in Africa is evidently no where close to commendable, with the best university on the continent, University of Cape Town, South Africa, only ranking 350 in the world. Worse still, business and entrepreneurial ideas are far from encouraged within these vicinities, the very places designated to nurture such traits and ideas at its early stages.

New map of Nigeria as proposed by delegates of National Confab

As a follow up to their July 3rd recommendation for 18 additional states to be created to bring the number of states in Nigeria to 54, members of the National conference Committee on Political Restructuring and Forms of Government jointly headed by Ike Nwachukwu & Mohammed Kumalia have released a copy of the proposed a new map of Nigeria with the additional states added. (pictured above). Continue to see the newly approved states as seen on the map…

Guys; See How To Know When A Nigerian Girl Don’t Want You

Some days ago, I went out for drinks with a colleague. Right beside our table, was a group of girls in their twenties? One of the girls was lamenting to her friends about how some guy would not take no for an answer; bombarding her with calls and wanting to meet up.

So, to save guys the trouble and girls, the nuisance, here are seven tell-tale signs that help guys know when to back off.

Omawumi’s Baby Daddy Finally Revealed!

Omawumi’s Baby Daddy Finally Revealed!.

The father of Omawumi’s daughter has been a secret for so long but is her wedding plans bringing her darkest secrets to light?

Agbani Darego shows off Hot Body in Swimwear

Agbani Darego shows off Hot Body in Swimwear.
Wow….such a beauty. She looks better as the years go by.

How Patients Survive Ebola Virus Disease

The recovery and discharge of the first Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) patient from the isolation centre at the Mainland Hospital in Lagos has brought hope for those infected with the virus as well as the society worried sick about their chances of survival should they contract the disease. How those who recovered managed to do so have been explained by medical experts.

According to experts who commented on the development, although 60-90 percent of people infected with the Ebola virus die, some people do recover from infection.

“Doctors don’t know for certain who will survive Ebola, and there is no specific treatment or cure for the disease. But studies suggest there are some biological markers linked with a higher chance of surviving Ebola,” Vanguard quoted medical experts as saying.

In the view of Derek Gatherer, a Bioinformatics researcher at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, who studies viral genetics and evolution, “when a person becomes infected with Ebola, the virus depletes the body’s immune cells, which defend against infection.