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Ladies, Why You Can’t Get Married or Stay In Marriage

A marriage can only survive on the alter of sincerity but, sadly you can’t get the truth from cheap people.

It has been observed that some ladies are liars and in some instance greedy to a fault. If you are not true to yourself then it would be difficult for you to be true to the man who want to marry you.

The Lady I Want To Marry Is Not Good In Bed

Bedroom should be the least problem of a man looking for a REAL wife but sadly many don’t know this:

I am 30 and the lady I want to marry is 27. My problem is she is not skilful in bed but she is fun to be with. What do I do?

– this is the crux of a Lagos guy’s message to Kemi Ashefon.

Below is the reply he got…

The Things My Woman Is Doing To Me

Some ladies of today think they are too wise, not knowing that it is their own life they are destroying in the long run. They think the only way is to manipulate a man to achieve their desire but it doesn’t last:

I am a 29-year-old man and dating a 28-year-old lady. We are both lawyers; just out of national youth service and I really love her. Though she is beautiful, but she is very loose… I mean, once a man touches her in any sensitive part, she succumbs.

How To Avoid Cancer In Your Breast

How To Avoid Developing Cancer In Your Breast.

Dear ladies, here are top ways on how you can change your lifestyle to prevent breast cancer.

Studies evaluating the causative factors of breast cancer have indicated that physical activity in the form of exercising plays a significant role in lowering the chances of developing breast cancer.

Clear Warning For Men: Be Careful Of Women

Clear Warning For Men: Be Careful Of Women

Guys, don’t get it twisted, ladies of these days hardly love men sincerely any more. You love a girl with all your heart and go all out to build a solid foundation that will help you two enjoy a decent life.

Guys, Some Facts About Nigerian Babes

There must be plenty money, and less or no sex, she abandons you immediately a rich suitor comes calling…..”Importer and Exporter thing”..
Will love and take care of you with her money, hoping one day, you will travel overseas and be rich.After Two years, and no plan is forth coming, she will dump your sorry ass, oh, I forgot …..lots of sex will be involved.
They love you with their body, soul and heart.Whether you are rich or poor, that’s not their business.They will continue to support you even though you aint making progress.If a suitor comes around, majority will reject him and stick with you.Money is not their problem, but love.
Oh, plenty sex is guaranteed(well not all of them will give you sha).

My Mothers Ugly Wish

I have been living with my mum for the fist time since I was five due to seperation. Coming back as a grown up has affected my relationship with her. I grew up in the east while she lived all her years in the west. We have had a lot of disagreement to the extent I made up my mind no matter what she does I won’t bother myself to react to it.

Help My Husband Self-service During Sex.

My friend narrated her ordeal with her Husband. She explained her Hubby loves to Mastubate to finish up sex on top of her during sex. and he will Erupt disgusting liquids directly on her body.Somtime she will bath afterward like three or five times in a day just to clean up the sticky mess. She asked him to Mastubate using Condom but he refuse.What can she do?

8 Ways Ladies Act When They Want Guys To Toast Them

Today’s love game is changing wheels as the hunter is becoming the hunted.

I have heard situation of when a lady takes bold step in asking a guy out but this perfectly works in the western world unlike in Africa where such ladies will be regarded cheap and desperate for husband.

So as a result, Ladies in our world gives stylish green signals in order to make guys toast them which are;


Nigerian Airforce 2015 Online Recruitment Registration

Nigerian Airforce 2015 Online Recruitment Registration.

The Nigerian Airforce wishes to inform the general public that the online registration for its annual recruitment has commenced. Interested Applicants are therefore advised to visit to register. Goodluck To You All.