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All You Need To Know About Snail Breeding – Expert

Nature has given us what it takes to conquer hunger, poverty and unemployed if Nigerians can only take animal farming serious. It contributes to economic growth. Taking livestock farming serious promotes self-employment to Snail meat is a good source of

London for the First-Timers

What do you know about London except for Tower, Big Ben and double-decker? Unfortunately, most tourists limit themselves only with these and a couple of others sights. There is no wonder, since London is huge and fussy city, and an

The Best Tools for Project Management

Nowadays, the market of project management tools embraces more than 50 different items both free and paid. For your consideration, the top 10 project management tools are introduced below. 1. Casual is a visual tool for project management. Any

Best Alternatives to Leptigen

Leptigen is a pill for weight loss, which, according to the manufacturer’s claims, has the clinically studied ingredients. The name Leptigen derives from the hormone leptin, which saturates hunger, promotes appetite loss and helps regulating energy. The product contains 2

Traveling Solo: Meet New People, Find Love

Going to another country secretly hoping to bump into your soul mate – why not? Every trip is an adventure and everything can happen while you are on the road,especially if you travel solo. People set out for solo trips

Recent Trends in Mobile Applications

The past year 2016 can be called really successful for developers of mobile applications. We saw a lot of interesting ideas in design and development, which appealed not only to users, but also to the developers themselves. This only fuels

How I made my first millions as a comedian– Ali Baba

A renowned comedian, Ali Baba, has said that he started making his millions as a stand-up comedian in the late 90’s when the profession was still in its developing stage in the country. Ali Baba told the News Agency of

5 Ways Power Shortage Is Affecting Nigerian Businesses

The World Bank data on ease of doing business released this year ranked Nigeria 169 out of 190 countries. Ten sub-indices were used for this ranking such as starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, getting

The $400 Billion Dollar Business of Turning Waste into Gold – A MUST READ

A white man once said that in Nigeria, every street is literally lined with gold, but surprisingly no one is seeing it. That statement looks very doubtful, especially considering the extent of poverty occasioned by the current economic recession. However,

Discover How 32-Year-Old Mark Essien Built into a Company Worth Over N3 billion!

Market is everything. Pick the right market. If you are in a bad market, nothing will save you.” – Mark Essien Without building any hotel, Mark Essien has managed to use technology to build one of the biggest hotel business

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