How To Start Pure water business In Nigeria

Sachet and bottled water production is one profitable business opportunity in Nigeria that has high return on investment if well managed. More »

How to export Ginger from Nigeria and make huge profit

The demand for Ginger in the international market has gone up significantly because the root is now being used as raw material in manufacturing process. More »

Generate Income producing Garri for export in Nigeria

To make extra income from Garri production business, you need to export your Garri to other countries in West Africa, Europe and America More »

Dried Crayfish Export from Nigeria:Made Easy

Dried Crayfish is one of the foodstuffs currently being exported from Nigeria to countries in Europe, America and Asian More »

How To Start Small Scale Poultry Farm in Nigeria (Feasibility studies)

The high demand for chicken meat and eggs has really proven that Poultry farming in Nigeria is indeed a very lucrative business More »

Instant Pounded Yam Production Business: Startup Requirement

Indeed you can become a millionaire through Poundo Yam production business in Nigeria. You can make up to N500, 000/month producing and selling Instant pounded Yam powder More »

How to Start a Profitable Cement Block Molding Industry in Nigeria.

Are you thinking of starting a profitable business of your own in Nigeria? If yes then I will want you to consider setting up a cement block molding industry in the country More »

Make millions of Naira through cashew export from Nigeria.

The export of cashew nuts and other agricultural commodities from Nigeria is fast becoming very lucrative these days; More »

Bitter kola export business in Nigeria, Invest N80, 000 & make100percent profits

Discover how to make 100percent profits when you invest just N80, 000 in exporting Bitter kola from Nigeria to Europe, America and Asia countries More »

How To Start Small Scale Livestock Feeds Production Business in Nigeria

Livestock feeds production is a very profitable business, the demand for animal feeds in Nigeria is high More »

Start A Profitable Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

Laundry and Dry Cleaning is indeed a good business opportunity in Nigeria because it has a high return on investment. More »


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President Jonathan Meets Parents of Kidnapped Chibok Girls

President Jonathan today July 22nd met with parents of abducted Chibok girls and rescued girls at the State House in Abuja. Present at the closed door meeting was the Senate President David Mark, Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Principal of the school, Mrs Asaba Kwambura as well as some Heads of Nigeria’s Security Agencies.

Photo: Adaeze Joseph Yobo Shows Her Assets In Swim Suit

Checkout Adaeze Joseph Yobo In Swim Suit.

Adaeze Joseph Yobo Shows Her Assets In Swim Suit  1Adaeze Yobo, her husband ( Joseph Yobo) and son are currently on holiday in Miami Beach, Florida after Super Eagles was edged out in Brazil world cup. She shared the photos on her instagram page…

How Nigerians Mix Corruption Money With Divine Blessings

I was in a church recently and there was a call for donations in support of a project. Someone stood before the church to support the project but also decided to exhort the church on the blessings that accrue from giving to God. According to him, months back, there was a call for financial support to another project.

Corruption and Divine BlessingsHe was not “financially sound” at that time but made a donation nonetheless, believing that it would attract blessings to him…

Why Size Really Matter – Bedroom Affair For Couples

The ‘size does not matter’ anthem seems to be coming mostly from men. Have the recipients (ladies) concurred that the ‘size’ (of a man’s instrument) does not matter to them, considering the fact that a lot of studies have shown that women feel fulfilled when ‘it’ is good sized?

man and womanIf we have to come right down to the ‘size’ argument, then we will need to go by the countless researches, which have all shown that size does indeed matter (sorry, guys) – much as I believe that a man’s instrument is only one (sometimes) small contributor to manly allure, as far as most women are concerned.

Scientists Grow Mini-hearts To Cure Heart Disease

Thousands of miniature human hearts have been grown by scientists to explore a possible cure for a form of heart disease.

The mini organs, which beat of their own accord, have been developed specifically to look at heart hypertrophy – where the heart muscle thickens, making it harder to pump blood around the body.

Researchers at Abertay University in Dundee are using the tiny hearts to test potential drugs they hope could eventually allow them to stop it developing in those at risk of the disease.

Made from stem cells, the tiny hearts are just 1mm in diameter and contract at about 30 beats per minute.

Although healthy to begin with, scientists are using chemicals to make them become hypertrophic, or enlarged, due to abnormal growth of the cells that make up the heart.

How Nigerian Lady was Smuggled To UK & Forced To Work As $ex Slave Under Oat with Voodoo

Three members of an international prostitution ring that smuggled a Nigerian woman into the UK to work as a $ex slave under the threat of a voodoo curse faced jail yesterday June 13, UK Daily Mail reports

Nigerian woman smuggled to the UKThe gang conned the innocent 23-year-old into flying to Heathrow Airport on a bogus passport with the promise of education, a job and a new home.

How a Wife can Help her Husband Get Rich & Stay Rich (Must Read)

The single most important thing a man can do to get rich and stay rich is to marry the RIGHT woman. This is so important that I’ll repeat it.

money wiseThe single most important thing a man can do to get wealthy and stay wealthy is to marry the right woman.

Do you believe that statement? Take 10 seconds to think through it. What in the world would make a man rich through his wife? I’ll explain.

Direct Membership At Chartered Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria

Direct membership registration is still going on at the Chartered Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria. Below is list of benefits for members of this noble professional body.

Chartered Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria1. To acquire skills that will make them professionals in budgeting, planning, financial consultancy, inventory control/analysis, financial analysis and public finance.
2. Will make you mire marketable in the highly competitive labour market with the financial skills acquired from the institute.
3. Will be sought after, as professionalism in financial control is novel.
4. The institute will develop skills and technology based knowledge crucial to the success of a new cultyre in finance and financial control.
5. It will stimulate in itts members, a deeper understanding of control systems, in finance that are success factors in the implementation of corporate finance policies of organizations.
6. The institute offers members excellent opportunity for career development.
1. Employment in positio where finance and control services are requiredin the public, private, not-for-profit and non governmental organizations.
2. Establishment of professional firm of Chartered Financial Controllers.

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Photo:Snake Ate Live Crocodile In Australia

Queensland – Australian media say a snake prevailed in a dire battle against a crocodile, having wrestled, constricted and eaten the reptile.

Snake Ate Live Crocodile In Australia  1











An eyewitness, Tiffany Corlis, caught on camera how a 10 -feat snake, probably a python, coiled itself around the crocodile and the two fought in the water. See more photos below:

Mom Opens Up:”I Get Séxual Feelings Whenever My Son Sucks By Bréast”

This is strange, and she decided to open up about her situation because she needs help. Her cry below…

mon son












I am a nursing mother and wife. I get wet and sometime cum when I’m breastfeeding my 7 months old son who happens to be my first baby. When he sucklés my bréast… gosh!
What is happening to me? Are there other mothers out there who have had similar feelings? What can I do to stop this? Am I developing unhealthy séxual feelings for my own son or what is this? Please I need help!