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Séx, Kissing, Shared Needles Can Give the Deadly Ebola Virus

That Ebola virus is currently on the rampage in West Africa is no longer news. What is rather news – and very scary for that matter – is that the World Health Organisation has just confirmed a case of the infection in Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial capital and one of the most populous city in Africa.

Though the patient has passed away, there are fears that many people he had come in contact with as he journeyed from Liberia to Nigeria may have been infected; while the medical workers that attended to him during his brief stay in the hospital also need to be examined!

Lagos Government Identifies 59 Contacts With Liberian Victim Of Ebola

Lagos -No fewer than 59 people who had contacts with Mr Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian who died of Ebola Virus in Lagos State, the state government has said.

Dr Jide Idris, the Commissioner for Health, said at a news conference in Ikeja that the contact tracing became imperative to ascertain any possible transmission of the virus by the victim.

Idris said the identified contacts comprised 44 hospital and 15 airport contacts, including the Nigerian Ambassador to Liberia.

He said 20 of the contacts had been screened and that none of them had so far been found to be infected with the virus.

The commissioner, however, said the contacts did not include those he might have been with on his flight to Nigeria on July 20, as the airline had yet to release the passenger manifest for investigation.

Ghanaian $exTape Girl Nahnah Abynah says She’s Not Dead

Below is her statement:

I’m most proud of the blessings that God has bestowed upon me, in my life. He’s given me the vision to truly see that you can fall
down, but you can still get back up. Hopefully I’ll learn from my mistakes and have the opportunity to strengthen and improve the next thing I do.

Secondly, I am here today to apologize for the personal mistakes I have
made and the embarrassment I have caused. I make this apology to my

How Milk Proteins May Help Relieve Eczema

Special proteins found in milk are being investigated by scientists to see if they can help relieve eczema.

Many people with eczema shun milk and other dairy products as they can often make the debilitating skin condition worse.

A study underway in Sydney is however investigating whether two specific milk proteins can actually help relieve the dry, itchy skin symptoms associated with eczema.

The pilot study involves giving adults with eczema a daily supplement containing the whey proteins lactoferrin and immunoglobulin.

It was devised after a separate study examining the effects of the two proteins on people with colds and flu found that participants who had eczema noticed improvements in their skin.

Guy Kills His Sugar Mummy, Escapes With Her Stuffs In Lagos

This is why some wealthy people don’t like associating with poor people. Someone invite you to come enjoy her money with her and the next thing you do is take her life and run with everything? Nawao!

A businesswoman, identified as Lizzy, has been found dead at her apartment in Odusanya Oduguwa Crescent, Green Estate in the Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos State. 39-year-old Lizzy, an indigene of Anambra State was murdered in cold blood by her boyfriend who also carted away her money, ATM cards, jewellery and her expensive Range Rover Sport vehicle.

A source said, “She was into networking and owned houses in different parts of Lagos. She was an international businesswoman and travelled round the world.

“She had said she would be travelling to the US this week and had gone to the bank with her boyfriend to withdraw N4m.

Deadly Ebola Virus Is Now In Nigeria: SEE How To Prevent It

The fast killer, Ebola virus, has been confirmed in a hospital near Obalende in Lagos on a 40years old Liberian. There is panic in the air but you can stay free from the deadly virus. Check out the details:

Ebola virus disease (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) is the human disease caused by ebola viruses.

President Jonathan Meets Parents of Kidnapped Chibok Girls

President Jonathan today July 22nd met with parents of abducted Chibok girls and rescued girls at the State House in Abuja. Present at the closed door meeting was the Senate President David Mark, Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Principal of the school, Mrs Asaba Kwambura as well as some Heads of Nigeria’s Security Agencies.

Photo: Adaeze Joseph Yobo Shows Her Assets In Swim Suit

Checkout Adaeze Joseph Yobo In Swim Suit.

Adaeze Joseph Yobo Shows Her Assets In Swim Suit  1Adaeze Yobo, her husband ( Joseph Yobo) and son are currently on holiday in Miami Beach, Florida after Super Eagles was edged out in Brazil world cup. She shared the photos on her instagram page…

How Nigerians Mix Corruption Money With Divine Blessings

I was in a church recently and there was a call for donations in support of a project. Someone stood before the church to support the project but also decided to exhort the church on the blessings that accrue from giving to God. According to him, months back, there was a call for financial support to another project.

Corruption and Divine BlessingsHe was not “financially sound” at that time but made a donation nonetheless, believing that it would attract blessings to him…

Why Size Really Matter – Bedroom Affair For Couples

The ‘size does not matter’ anthem seems to be coming mostly from men. Have the recipients (ladies) concurred that the ‘size’ (of a man’s instrument) does not matter to them, considering the fact that a lot of studies have shown that women feel fulfilled when ‘it’ is good sized?

man and womanIf we have to come right down to the ‘size’ argument, then we will need to go by the countless researches, which have all shown that size does indeed matter (sorry, guys) – much as I believe that a man’s instrument is only one (sometimes) small contributor to manly allure, as far as most women are concerned.