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Exam Malpractice: SEE Sitting Arrangement In EKSU Will Make Any Student Cry

In this era where people no longer read for exams but depend on the ‘Efiwes or Efikos’ (bookworms) in the class during exams and tests, this kind of sitting arrangement used in Ekiti State University (EKSU) during exams is enough to bring out some tears.

There is no way you will ask for help and you won’t be caught. Someone even called this double-line spacing. Guess it’s just to curb exam malpractice.

“Poverty is not an excuse for failure. Do something!” – Auma Obama

Read inspiring quotes by President Obama’s sister, Auma.

“When Barack first came to Kenya he slept in a small camping bed in my flat”

Di’ja Tells Her Before The Fame Story, Says I Worked As A Waitress

Hadiza Blell aka Di’ja, who’s half Sierra Leonean and Nigerian has recently opened up about her journey to music stardom in an interview on Coke Studio Africa.

Similar to other celebrities, Di’ja confessed that things weren’t easy for her.

Some of the jobs she did before she blew up include waitressing & being a mascot at children’s parties to fund her music.

Discover How To Sound And Look Smarter In Meetings

When it comes to meetings, all of us could benefit by appearing a little smarter. Whether you’re a salesperson in a meeting with a potential client or an executive in a room full of partners and underlings, meetings hold the potential to make a lasting positive impression, or just the opposite.

The smarter you look, in your words and in your appearance, the more likely you are to be heard, respected, and valued, even when the meeting comes to an end.

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