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Nigeria Politicians buy Human Parts from Me – Suspect

The Kwara state Police command yesterday July 23rd paraded two men who they said are involved in trading of human parts.

The men whose names were given as Amos Kareem and Abubakar Ladan were arrested with human head, leg and hand in Tabira village, Okuta in Baruten LGA of the state, according to a report by Vanguard.

Cameroon Soldiers Rescue Kidnaped Vice PM’s Wife From Boko Haram

If this was in Nigeria, FG will say we know where they are keeping the woman but we can use force.

The no-nonsense Cameroon military operatives have rescued wife of their Vice Prime Minister, Amadou Ali, who was kidnapped by the dreaded Boko Haram sect on Sunday with a traditional ruler of Kolofata town.

Abdulmutallab’s Bomb Didn’t Detonate Because He Wore Dirty Undies

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to blow up a transatlantic flight by detonating explosives in his underpants failed because explosives had become “degraded” after he wore the same underwear for two weeks, it has been claimed.

Known as the “underwear bomber”, Abdulmutallab was caught trying to blow up a plane on Christmas Day in 2009 en route to the US from Amsterdam.

The plane made an emergency landing in Detroit after the bomb failed to go off, instead causing a fire which left Abdulmutallab with burns to his groin.

US officials traced the bomb plot to al Qaeda and at his trial the 25-year-old Nigerian called the bomb a “blessed weapon” to avenge the mistreatment of Muslims.

Kano Female Suicide Bomber Dies In Failed Attempt To Bomb University

A female suicide bomber attempting to bomb Northwest University in Kano state on Sunday, July 27 is died, according to the Nigeria police.

The female bomber suspected to be 16 years of age was said to have walked towards the gate of the University when policemen guarding the University became suspicious of her motive, according to Sahara Reporters.

Not comfortable, the policemen decided to isolate her and called for reinforcement from female police officers.

Apparently the female bomber who had a bomb concealed inside her hijab, killed herself by detonating her explosives, while injuring five policemen in the suicide mission.

How Priest, Four Nuns Crucified Their Sister During Horrific Exorcism Ritual

A priest in a company of four nuns crucified a 23-year-old nun that finally led to her death in the city of Vaslui, Romania.

Priest Daniel Corogeanu praying for the deceased Irina Cornici

A scandalous incident of a priest who was jailed for seven years for killing a young woman in an exorcism ritual was brought to light by journalists and even inspired the screenplay for the film Beyond the Hills. Although the crime happened in 2005 the outcome of the case is still shrouded in mystery and doubt.

33-year-old priest, Daniel Corogeanu, in a company of four nuns, bound, gagged, strapped Irina Cornici to a cross and left her without food and water for five days at an isolated monastery. While the priest and nuns were detained on suspicion of willful murder they said they were just trying to help as she was possessed with the devil.

Daniel Corogeanu accompanied with the nuns a day after the failed exorcism ritual

According to their evidence, the servants of the Lord performed the exorcism ritual that would have ended successfully but for the priest called the ambulance when on the 5th day of “treatment” she fainted. Recalling the events that led to Irina’s death the priest said:

How Priest, Four Nuns Crucified Their Sister During Horrific Exorcism Ritual“I consider myself not guilty because Irina Conrici’s death was not down to the fact that we kept her locked up. We tied her up because she kept hitting and harming herself and we would have found her dead in her room eventually. I admit I tied her up and stuck a towel in her mouth and kept her like this for five days.

Shocking: Five Month-Old Baby Boils In Pot Of Soup

A tragedy hit Amakohia Ubi community located in Owerri west LGA, Imo State, as a 5-month old baby was accidentally dropped into the pot with boiling soup.
Leadership reports with reference to an eye witness that the 10-year-old girl was running away from one of the “Owu” masquerades with the baby boy in her hands.

Chased to the house backyard, the girl suddenly realized the boy had slipped from her hands into the boiling liquid. Only then the masquerade reportedly stopped the pursuit.

Although the victims was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital by the locals, the doctors didn’t manage to revive the baby.

The correspondent later gathered that the deceased was the only child of the recently married parents.

78-year-old Woman Found Alive After 14 Stuck Hours in Quicksand

A 78-year-old Utah woman endured a close call when she was stuck in quicksand for more than half a day, but she eventually escaped unharmed.

Sharon Brussell was supposed to show up at an event near Arches National Park and people became worried when she didn’t appear.

After they were alerted, Grand County Sheriff’s Office deputies began searching for Brussell on a bike path she had been known to frequent.

She was finally found in the quicksand with one of her legs stuck up to the knee after about 14 hours in the sticky substance.

It took four people to dig her out because the displaced sand kept sliding back.

The park employee said she was aware of quicksand forming in the area in the past, but indicated that it was a rare occurrence.

US Women Targeted As Malaysia Becomes Internet Scam Haven

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Hundreds of American women are being ensnared by Internet scammers based in Malaysia, with some losing over a quarter of a million dollars, as the country becomes an epicenter for online crime perpetrated by Africans, U.S. officials say.

The mostly Nigerian conmen, who enter Malaysia on student visas, take advantage of the country’s good Internet infrastructure to prey on lonely, middle-aged women, wooing them on dating websites before swindling their savings, they said.

The scams are more sophisticated than most Nigeria-based operations – which most Internet users have experienced at some time either via email or advertising – helped by Malaysia’s advanced banking system, which allows perpetrators to quickly set up accounts and receive international transfers.

BH Suicide “Bomber” Who Dress Like A Lady Arrested In Kaduna

Kaduna – Boko Haram agents are devising new tactics everyday to beat security and perpetrate their evil act. Men of the Nigerian Army has apprehended a suspected insurgent in relation with the twin bomb blast that rocked the city of Kaduna on Wednesday.

Boko Haram bomberThe twin-bomb attacks which led to the deaths of over 100 innocent citizens, targeted a former military Head of State, General Mohammadu Buhari and a prominent Islamic cleric, Sheik Dahiru Bauchi.

How The Nigerian Air Force Helicopter Went Down in Borno

A Nigerian Air Force Mi-35 Helicopter on an official mission on Monday crashed due to a technical fault at a location South of Bama, Borno State, the Director of Information, Nigeria Defence Headquarters, Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade, said in a press statement in Abuja Nigeria.

But some observers, however, reasoned that the helicopter could have been blown off by the insurgents who have already taken hold of over half of Borno State in the unrelenting offensive.