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PENCOM To Partner NSE To Boost Stock Market Activities

Mrs Chinelo Anohu-Amazu, the Director-General, National Pension Commission (PENCOM), on Thursday promised to partner with the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) to deepen the nation’s capital market.

Anohu-Amazu made the promise during her visit to the NSE and bell ringing in Lagos.

Nigeria Money Market Is Now Investors’ Haven – Expert

Lagos – Mr Wale Abe, the Executive Secretary, Financial Markets Dealers Association (FMDA), says the local money market has become investors’ haven due to the downward trend in the capital market.

Abe told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the development in the nation’s capital market, particularly the fall in the price of shares, had made investors to seek opportunities in money market.

Is It Good To Go For Debt Consolidation?

The burden of ballooning debt is a serious pressure and faster you solve it, better it would be for you. Now, when you are sitting on top of a huge unmanageable debt, debt consolidation can be a good solution. However, many people shy away from it and according to market reports, just 11% are smart enough to opt for it. But, honestly, debt consolidation can be a fantastic solution for you. The post below offers a brief on why is it wise to take to debt consolidation.
One payment
One of the benefits of debt consolidation is that here you would just have to pay one single monthly payment.

Finding The Right Debt Consolidation Company

When it comes to managing debts, debt consolidation is no doubt one of the most advised solutions from the financial wizards. Surely, debt consolidation loan is a stress-free process of paying off all your existing debts at one with one single consolidated loan which comes at lower interest- compared to the previous debts. There is no dearth of consolidation loan companies out there but then not all would get the desired peace of mind. When it is something regarding your debts, you have to be extra cautions. The post here offers you expert tips on finding best debt consolidation companies.

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