Nigeria is endowed with large deposits of about 44 Solid minerals located in different parts of the country.

A Nigeria solid mineral deposit are estimated to be in billions of metric tons and is capable of creating millions of jobs and also generates more revenue than crude oil.

Below is a list containing names of different solid minerals and states where there are located.


Glass sand, limestone, salt, shale, ball clay, galena, granite, marble, laterite, bentonite, phosphate, kaolin, pyrite, feldspar, petroleum, lignite, gypsum, sphalerite, clay.


Granite, clay, gypsum, limestone, uranium, kaolin, coal, trona, barite, salt, marble, magnesite, laterite.


Clay, glass sand, salt, silica sand, granite, coal, petroleum, natural gas, kaolin, limestone, lignite


Clay, iron stone, natural gas, petroleum, sand stone, kaolin, pyrite, lignite.


Kaolin, trona, gypsum, cassiterite, mica, clay, tantalite, galena, iron ore, gemstone, sphalerites, silica sand, barite, columbite, zinc, lead, muscovite, quartz, columbite, tin, glass sand, salt, monazite, feldspar, graphite, wolfram, coal, agate, tantalum, rutile, tungsten, copper, talc, ilmenite, zircon.


Salt, petroleum, natural gas, silica sand


Bentonite, crude salt, petroleum, limestone, glass sand
Gemstone, barites, feldspar, marble, mica, silica sand, quartz, galena, lead, zinc ore, silica sand, clay, coal, gypsum, kaolin, anhydrite, calcium, sulphate, brick clay, crushed and dimension stone, fluorspar, wolframite, bauxite, shale, magnetite, ilmenite, brenite.


Silica sand, natural salt, sapphire, topaz, mica, quartz, gypsum, uranium, iron ore, magnesite, feldspar, granite, aquamarine, nepheline, limestone, kaolin, bentonite, laterite clay, refractory clay, trona, gold, tin, potash.


Salt, limestone, coal, manganese, mica, ilmenite, gold, quartz, glass sand, tourmaline, petroleum, natural gas, kaolin, tin ore, mica, sharp sand, clay, spring water, salt deposits, talc, granite, galena, lead zinc, tin ore, goethite,Muscovite, uranium, barites


Kaolin, lateritic clay, gravel, silica sand, natural gas, petroleum, ball clay, bauxite, granite, river sand, clay, spring water
Ebonyi Lead/Zinc ore, salt, limestone, ball clay, refractory clay, gypsum, granite.


Charnockite, copper, gold, marble, granite, gypsum, petroleum, diorite, lignite, limestone, ceramic clay.


Clay, charnockite, quartzite, lignite, limestone, granite, gemstone, bauxite, cassiterite, columbite, tantalite, feldspar, kaolin.


Crude oil, shale, natural gas, kaolin, laterite sand, limestone, salt, marble,


Glass sand, granite, laterite clay, silica, kaolin, iron ore, quartz, potash, talc, limestone.

Muscovite, granite, gold, manganese, clay, graphite, sand, zircon, kyanite, tin ore, ilmenite, gemstone, columbite.


Clay, laterite, cassiterite, columbite, ilmenite, galena, phyrochlorite, kaolin, gemstone, silica, tin ore, monazite, wolframite, thorium, granite, hyalite, kaolin, beryl, amethyst, gold.


Gold, Manganese, lateritic clay, feldspar, black tourmaline, amethyst, quartz, kaolin, mica, gypsum, silimanite, clay, granite sand, uranium, asbestos, tourmaline, serpentine (chresolite asbestos), chromites, ilmenite, diamond, graphite, iron ore, potash, silica sand.


Salt, iron ore, gold, feldspar, limestone, quartz, bauxitic clay, manganese, kaolin, mica.


Clay, iron ore, gemstone, marble, limestone, feldspar, dolomite, phosphate, mica, cassiterite, granite, ornamental stone, coal, kaolin


Clay, kaolin, silica sand, quartz, dolomite, marble, feldspar, gold, tantalite, cassiterite, granite, limestone.


Silica sand, bitumen, sharp sand, gravel, petroleum, laterite.


Cassiterite, gemstone, amethyst, beryl, chrysolite, emerald, garnet, sapphire, topaz, barites, galena, monazite, zircon, glass sand, coal.


Ball clay, kaolin, limestone, granite, glass sand, iron ore, red clay, feldspar, gold, graphite, cyanite, silica sand, quartz, asbestos, marble, talc, gemstone.

Kaolin, feldspar, silica sand, mica, granite, clay, phosphate, gypsum, limestone, quartz, tar sand.


Marble, gold, gemstone, clay, diorite, lignite
Osun Clay, granite, talc, dolomite, ilmenite, feldspar, quartz, limestone, mica, clay.


Clay, feldspar, granite, ilmenite, iron ore, kaolin, quartz, talc, marble, dolomite, tourmaline, aquamarine, amethyst


Monazite, columbite, feldspar, clay, cassiterite, gemstone, kaolin, dolomite, mica, zircon, marble, ilmenite, barites, quartz, talc, galena.


Petroleum, natural gas, silica sand, glass sand, clay.


Silica sand, clay, salt, limestone, phosphate, gypsum, kaolin, laterite, potash, granite

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  1. samson kayode says:

    Nigeria is richly blessed


    Can the Federal government sponsor an individual if he/she brings an investor into the country?
    If yes, what will be the share of such fellow?

  3. Kingsley Chuks says:

    How can one mine marble deposits?

  4. john says:

    Are there topaz miners one can buy from for export? I have foreign buyers inquiring/asking to know. Where are they located and how can I reach the miners.

  5. Abdullahi says:

    The minerals that are found in KOGI STATE

  6. kehinde olusanya says:

    I want to do mining business….how can I start…

  7. Abiodun says:

    Concerning FELDSPAR, it is in the above list that feldspar is in Oyo and Ogun state. Please can you let me know exactly where in these states they are?


  8. Abubakar Sadeeq says:

    The buyers of Nigerian assets are not really in support for development of our great country. Hence, these much solid mineral resources are located in Nigeria, they can help financially invest their wealth to salvage the country from the current situation of economic recession.

  9. I Think Nigeria Wil Be Better If Concentrate On Mineral Resources

  10. Mohammed Ahmed Jalam says:

    where do I find occurrence of copper in Nigeria.

  11. Sule Benjamin O. says:

    Thank God for His mercies over Nigeria. Nigeria can be better if we human manager of God`s resources become serious. virtually there are few local govt. in Nigeria that have no mineral resources but still have viable land. we can do it this way, federal govt. should allow the states and local govt to partner with interested investors with some conditions, such as considering major developmental infrastructures. tax on profit from proceeds should be distributed thus; local govt education trust fund 5%, local govt health fund 5%, Truck c roads 2%, security 3%. then state govt take 5%, federal govt 10% totaling 30% tax. the company will now be oblique to use 10% to develop the immediate area of the mineral. the remaining 60% is very much enough to take care of the company expansion and retention. this includes all mineral resources across Nigeria, this might not be a perfect idea but let try something different from what we have now. God bless our country

  12. Ayinde khadijat says:

    I want to go into raw gold business how do I go about it?how can I secure an investor out of Nigeria

  13. clevejoe says:

    we voted them in why are complaining, let us pray for them, so that God may touch their mind

  14. clevejoe says:

    Nigeria have minerial resource that quite true, but we don’t know how to utilized it, am serious to said these but that is the truth of it. we are the produce of clude oil but what are facing now scarity of fuel everywhere in the state because of what? those who want things difficult for common man. they want rich to become richer and poor to become poor, and we call ourselves giant of Africa where they are selling bag of cement for the rate N3000 and when you to Ghana now is not up to that: our leaders why? why do you people want to made things difficult for common man. God we surely reward which and everyone you. and you people should continue to complicate president life!!!!!

  15. john ikechukwu A says:

    Nigeria is indeed bless let’s look on what we can do to help ourselves and our community fed grovt is not what we should have hope.we can do it let’s beginning guys.

  16. vikings says:

    Nowadays our system of government is controversal,thereby refusing to adhere to the basic needs of the country…if we only manage our mineral resources to the full maximum…back in the days..the reason y d british colonise nigeria is bcos of our mineral resources….we were rich in these things so they decide to take advantageof us and played us like fools….

  17. Jim Elueni says:

    I am happy for first comment colon, I am interested in copper ore , my interest is in mining and I wish to know the location of copper in Nigeria

  18. JELEEL ABAS says:

    It is clear there is no natural resource God has created on the planet earth that is not on the Nigerian soil or inside our waters. It means Nigeria has no right to be poor. It is wickedness an irresponsible for us as a nation to remain poor. How much of these are being explored? How many refineries are there in the nation to refine these vast mineral resources? Much of these resources are being illegally mined by foreigners – from Senegal, India, China, etc, while our leaders look away. When shall we have leaders who would have a sense to tap the resources of this land to better the lives of the citizens? I am yet to see any nation as blessed by God as Nigeria.

  19. joshua says:

    please i need a contact where I can get good limestone in large quantities. if I can also get a local supplier I will be glad to contact the person. thanks

  20. joshua says:

    which states can one get lime stone in large quantities in Nigeria.


  21. Omowonuola Akande says:

    Hello…I’m a young guy that wants to go into mineral export from Nigeria 🇳🇬 …so I need a lot of information about how to start. Do I need to register a company? If so how much does it cost? What other documents or registration do I need to do? How do I get orders for d minerals I want to export from abroad? How do I get it shipped to them and get paid?
    I will be waiting for your reply.

  22. Izu says:

    Please, where can i get KUNZITE STONE & OBSIDIAN RAW in Nigeria?
    Anyone with useful information should let me know.

  23. God So Much Love Nigeria, But We Hate Ourselves, We Need God To Refining Us Again!

  24. Olatunji Shiitu says:

    I like to know what solid minerals are available now for export from Nigeria and what states they are situated

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