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Man Marries Wife January 12, 2013 and killed Her 3days After In Benin

Nigerian News (Benin City) – Mr. Henry Obialo, a 31-year-old man, who allegedly murdered his wife two days after their traditional marriage said he was still wondering what led him to commit the act.
He reportedly married the late wife on January 12 and killed her on January 15 at about 2am at their residence in Benin City.
Henry, who is detained at the Criminal Investigation Department at the Police Headquarters, gave the name of his late wife as Precious.
He said he met the wife last year and proceeded to marry her due to pressure from the late wife even though his brothers were not aware of the wedding.

Narrating what happened to newsmen, Henry, who was in tears, said the incident happened at about 2am and that something unexplainable took over their room.
He said: “I am here because of the problem I had with my wife which led to her death.
“In the night, I didn’t know what came over our room that brought problem between us. I was confused. I didn’t know what to do.
“I was sweating and she was struggling. I didn’t know what made my hand to hold her neck and I turned her back.
“She fell on the ground. I held her on the ground for about 30 minutes. I later woke up and the sweating stopped.”
He continued: “I went to lay on the bed feeling that she was not dead. At 5am I woke up and touched her she was not moving.
“I was afraid to tell anybody. I went outside and knocked on the window of my neighbour who said he could not get up.
“At 6am, I touched her and she did not shake. I started crying. I went to work and told my friend about the incident. I asked him to help me contact the police.
“After he called the police, I went to the police and made my statement. The police followed me home and they took her to the hospital where she was confirmed dead.
“When I held her that night, it was as if I was not holding anything. She was very light.”
Henry said he and the late wife planned to start having sex after their white wedding.
Assistant State Police Spokesman, Ejiroro Ahwara said the police was still investigating the incident.TheNation

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