US White House: Petitions Increased To 100,000 Signatures from 25,000

US News — Report reaching us has it that Petitions created on the We the People website that provides every US citizen with an opportunity to launch a legislative initiative, will now have to be supported by no less than 100,000 signatures, up from 25,000 signatures required earlier, in order to become subject to an official reply from the US Administration.

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The White House insists that the new stipulation announced Tuesday this week will not be applied to petitions created before the day of its announcement.

Recently the White House has been frequently criticized over failures to reply to ‘hot-topic’ petitions that managed to reach the 25,000-signature threshold in a 30-day period. Critics say that there are even more petitions that still remain without a response.
One of the latest petitions supported by more than 25,000 people before the new rule was made public called on the Obama Administration to dismiss US District Attorney Carmen Ortiz for prosecuting Reddit co-founder Aaron Schwarz in a manner that allegedly prompted the young man to commit suicide.
Another petition demanding for the Westboro Baptist Church to be regarded as a hate group has drawn more than 320,000 signatures but has not been responded to yet.
“We’re making another adjustment to ensure we’re able to continue to give the most popular ideas the time they deserve,” Macon Phillips, White House Director of New Media, said in a press release about the change.
The White House website has seen an influx of 2.4 million new users, which poses a ‘problem’, Phillips said.
Voice of Russia, RT

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