Lagos Government Drags 50 Hotels To Court Over Non -payment of license fees

Business News (Lagos) –At least 50 hotels operating in
The Lagos State government has dragged about 50 hotels operating in the state to court over non-payment of licence fees.

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Among the accused already charged by the Lagos state government at the Magistrate’s Court, Igbosere, and Lagos are.
Name of some Hotels charged to court by the Lagos state government.

Moorhouse Sofitel Hotel, Chesney Hotel Limited and Chillovelle Hotel Limited.
Pedro, who withdrew the charges brought against Protea Hotel Westwood Limited, Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel Limited and Hotel Bon Voyage Limited, on Tuesday said, about 50 hotels across the state had been identified for prosecution.
He added that they would be charged in other magisterial districts as their names are compiled.
According to Pedro, Moorhouse Sofitel Hotel, Chesney Hotel Limited and Chillovelle Hotel Limited, charged along with their Managing Directors and other directors, are “carrying on or keeping” a hotel in the Lagos Magisterial District without a licence granted by the appropriate authority.
Pedro said, “We are concerned with the arbitrariness of violating extant laws of the land. The hotel may feel that someone is challenging the law, but in as much as the House of Assembly has passed the law and the governor has signed it, the law has become operative.
“You cannot stop its operation just because somebody is challenging it in court. The law will continue to operate. It is when the court declares it null and void that it will stop operating.”
It was alleged that the hotels, in carrying out their business, on or about December 5, 2012, knowingly omitted to comply with the provision of the Hotel Licensing Law of Lagos State, Cap H6 (2010).
The offences were said to have contravened sections 4(1) of the Hotel Licensing Law and are punishable under sections 21 and 122 of the law.
Also on Tuesday, the presiding Magistrate, Mrs F. O. Aigbokhaevbo, issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the M.D of Chilloville Hotel.-Punch

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