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Professor Pat Utomi Joins Action Congress Of Nigeria

Nigerian News — Professor Pat Utomi, a 2007 Nigerian presidential candidate on the platform of the African Democratic Party, has announced his defection to the Action Congress of Nigeria saying it is the major opposition political party with a structure to fight the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) at the centre.
The Professor of Political Economics had after the 2007 elections, formed the Social Democratic Mega Party, on which platform he tried to contest the 2011 presidential elections, but failed again after he withdrew from the race at the last minute.
Prof. Utomi, who disclosed that he is now an ACN member through a post on his Facebook wall last night, said many Nigerians are not aware that he is already more than a year old in the ACN.
“It has been pointed out to me that many Nigerians who have supported the work I have done in politics and community service are unaware of the fact that I’m now a member of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

“I have been a member for more than a year.”
He lamented that the other opposition parties in the country have found it difficult to forge a common front or merge to make the country’s political environment tough and interesting enough.
“This has proven very difficult and progressives cannot afford to dissipate their energies in various small armies while the enemies of the progressive struggle are disciplined enough to coalesce under the conservative/retrogressive Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
“I would therefore encourage all opposition parties to join the ACN.
“As far as I’m concerned, Nigeria should run a PDP-ACN political party structure.”-Pmnews

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