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Verified Nigeria GSM Numbers Available

Bulk SMS remains the cheapest medium through which business owners can easily advertise their products and services in Nigeria.
You don’t believe? Please call any of the TV, Radio and news papers houses in the country to find out their cost of advertising.
Any Way, I will like to inform you that with as little as N1,500 you can advertise your products and services directly to 1,000 GSM phone subscribers in the country and still make huge profit in return.
Imagine, you sell a product whose profit margin is N200 and you get about 100 people buying from you as a result of the Bulk SMS advertisement that is cool N20, 000 total profits for you.
One major advantage of using bulk SMS to advertise is that the larger the GSM subscribers in Nigeria you are able to reach via SMS the bigger the profit you stand to make selling your products and services in Nigeria.

Remember, Nigeria’s population stands at about 140, million people and according to the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) the current GSM phone subscriber base in the country stands at about 90million!
So, getting the GSM phone numbers of these 90million Nigerians is the major challenge people face when it comes to advertising with bulk SMS.
But, I will say that getting large quantity of GSM numbers for bulk SMS advertising is not a difficult thing because I can easily get you about 1million GSM phone numbers of people living in the 36 states of Nigeria.
Verified GSM numbers for bulk SMS advertising are available at a very low cost.
1million GSM numbers ……………….N30, 000
500,000 GSM numbers ……………….N15, 000
100,000 GSM numbers ……………….N5, 000
Also, if you are interested in making regular income online in Nigeria call me on 08081632025.
Remain blessed,

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