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Price List of Cassava processing Machines (Garri)

Equipment Description Unit Number

Cassava Grater (STAINLESS STEEL) 1
2 Ton/Hr, with 8H.P. water cooled diesel engine

Hydraulic presser with 30 ton jack 2

Stainless Steel Gari Fryer with chimney (4ftx6ft) 4

Stainless Steel Mechanical Sifter 2
With 3.5 H.P. Petrol engine

                                   Plz Don’t call if you are not a Fabricator

(One for wet matter and one for dry matter/quality control)

The equipment above will process 10 tons of cassava tubers into 3 tons of High quality a Garri.
The Total cost of the above set cassava processing Machines is N 1,500,000


1. 85% down payment with order.

2. 10% additional payment when collecting cassava processing machines.

3. 5% final payment on commissioning.

4. Installation is 10% of the total cost of equipment purchased

5. All these machines are covered by 3 months warranty against factory defect EXCLUDING PRIME MOVERS

6. Buyer provides civil materials i.e. sand, gravel and water where civil work is necessary.

7. Allow 14 days for manufacture of machines after confirmed order and payment as in (a) above.

We are look forward to getting your order soon.
To make further inquiries about the above Cassava processing Machines, please call

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  • Kenzel Corp

    Please send info and price for your garri processing equip.

    • The Total cost of the above set cassava processing Machines

      • Adeosun Gbenga

        pls i want to acquire the 10 ton cassava processing machine (full set) kindly avail me your PFI

    • ifeanyi G

      garri processing machine and prices

  • kwaghkule Solomon

    Please we want a comprehensive equipment list and price of Garri processing plant with different processing capacity

  • tony

    Kindly send me pictures and price list of equipment to set up a cassava to garri processing plant

  • Ojoh Obaje Johnson

    Kindly send me pictures and price list of the equipment to set up a cassava. To gari processing plant

  • Elizabeth Tyonongu

    Pls send me an updated price list of a complete set of cassava(gari)processing machine including cost of installation and pictures.

  • thanks for the price list given above, but for clarity and trust why not give their price per item before giving out the total cost so that, one would be able to giveaccount of what he or she is purchasing for business.

  • i will like to receive the price of the cassava processing machine…………the most affordable please

  • genny

    Please I would lik to know if you have automated cassava processing machines

  • zadokade

    I would like a breakdown of the cost of garri processing machines with pictures. Is the process semi-automated or fully automated?can the machines be used to process plantain flour? Thanks

  • kome

    Kindly forward the breakdown of the cost of the entire Garri processing. Also the packaging machine. In addition do you have a machine to grind Garri into flour? Kindly forward the pictures of these machines with the prices. Will call you after your response. Thank you

  • Seth

    Am in Ghana but want to know how to get the machine

  • Please kindly forward different price list and images for the most affordible cassava processing machines. Be expected a reply.

  • Kindly send me quotation for a large scale cassava processing plant for commercial purposes thanks.

  • Mba I. Agu

    Ps send me ur comprehensive price list. Do u have cassava peeling machine, mechanical garri fryer, cabinet dryer and cassava chipping machine. If u do can u pls include there cost too.
    My regards.

  • ugwuja nnabuike

    pls,send me the price

  • Wisdom Udoh

    Compliment. kindly forward price lists of individual cassava (garri) and flour processing machines respectively. I am in Nigeria and curiously waiting for your prompt response as the need is urgent. Thanks. Wisdom.

  • Akinkunmi John

    Hello, kindly send a comprehensive price list of garri/cassava processing equipment and pictures of each of them. Also, send the total cost of installation for a small factory. Regards.

  • please can you help me with the price list ?

    i am planning to go into garri production, i will be gratefull if i can have this price list in time

  • Sewen

    Please your phone numbers are not here,pls send your contacts please.

  • Sewen

    Pls I need your phone number,very important.

  • Collins

    Kindly send me a quote on this garri processing machines so we can start discussing. can you deliver to Owerri?

  • Joe

    Pls, let me know your company’s name and location. Company’s web site is equally needed.

  • Olusoji

    Kindly send the price of each of the maching, so that it could be easy to by in bit. Is there any training for the use of the machine. Thanks

  • oladipo odunola

    Kindly send me pictures of the above garri processing equipment for the cost of 1.5m. I ll also like to have your contact address and phone number. I be some urgent questions to ask. Thank you

  • Gbenga Ajeigbe

    No mention is made of peeling here. Does it mean the equipment for peeling the cassava will not be part of the set?

  • Abiodun

    Kindly send the gari processing equipments quotation to my email provided with specifications and prices.
    I proposed to set up small scale gari processing plant this month.
    Thank you

  • Wisdom

    Thanks for the job done. I need to confirm few things that the write up didn’t take care of. Kindly treat as urgent to either send a number to reach you through or describe your location.
    Thanks once again!

  • Godson

    Please send to me details of price list for production of cassava chip. 1.cassava peeler. 2.chipping machines. 3. Rotary solar dryer. 4.packaging machine (stitching&sealing).5 Rapid moisture analyser. 6.Automated cyanide Analyser.

  • Peter Olaseni

    Can i have your contact number. I want to call so we can discuss on the Machine.


  • eneyo ikpeme

    Pls attach ur number for further details.. tnx

  • usoro Clement

    please send me details of your company contact and phone numbers especially. also do you have automated machines that uses electricity than just their individual generators.

  • jerry mbah

    Please I need ur contact address and phone number. Its urgent.

  • Jude Akpan

    Pls send me your contact details so that I can make proper enquiries

  • Jude Akpan

    Please can you attach your phone numbers & other contact details so that we can reach you. Thanks

  • Borgess Darl

    Compliments. kindly send me pictures & break-down of the cost of your Complete Garri Processing Unit. it should include the Mechanical Peeler, Dehydrator & Packaging equipment (sewing/stitching).
    Also oblige me with your Company Web Address and other contact details.

  • Please we need a detailed list of your cassava processing machines including delivery cost,installation etc.

  • Adeshina

    Good day,
    Please, i need your contact address, location.
    Also where possible, i would like to see a sample of your product.
    Thank you and awaiting your response.

  • Oladayo Popoola

    is this equipment still available?

  • Gbesimi Oma Eyewuoma

    hi I have no comment for the price list but would greatly appreciate it I you could forward to me details of the marketer of this machine.

  • Tos

    Are you still in business ? let me know.

  • Victor Aderemi

    Great work done, but i still need some more information. Like i want you to send me the individual prices and pictures of the machines you highlighted above and also send to my email (aderemi_tsn@yahoo.com) the prices and pictures of cassava peeler machine and packaging machine (stitching and sealer). Also send your telephone no and office address.pls treat urgent thanks

  • kafaru ademola abiola

    pls kindly send me pictures and each price of cassave turn garry proceses machine

  • Peter Kehinde

    Kindly send me the picture and price of each of the cassava process machine mentioned above and your contact for further discussion.

  • Abiodun

    Plz share your contact details for further enquiry.


  • chika

    kindly send in quote or cost to iwuoha.samuels@yahoo.com

  • Jonathan S. Cooper

    Hello, my name is Jonathan S. Cooper. I live in Liberia, West Africa. I like you to please send me a price list of each of the machine for cassava processing.

    If I do purchase them, can you ship them to Liberia for me?

    Look forward to hearing from you when time permit.



    • mr Bologo Clement

      pls will need your contact details for more enquiries.

  • nonso ogbonna

    Pls my is nonso ogbonna, i want to start up a small garri processing plant in my hometown, i will appriciate it if u can send me some machines pictures with price list. Thanks

  • chinonye

    Please inbox me your price list

  • felicia abbey

    my name is felicia from rivers state, i want the price list of the smallest set of garri frying machine and cassava peeling machine.

  • Victor

    Kindly provide me with a comprehensive price list of garri production machines (all that would be needed to set up a plant) available at your shop. Pictures of same would be gladly useful and appreciated

  • It gladden my heart when I open this page, I have been looking for this opporturnity . I love to have the pictures of. the garrison processing machines you have, the price, processing for acquiring them, conditions of payment & reqirements for setting such biz.

  • anonymous

    please can you send me a comprehensive list and price of all the equipment involved in this process. afordable ones please. thanks.

  • folasade

    Goodday, pls kindly send the quotation of the Garri processing machines and ur phone no. thanks

  • Anonymous

    Are Cassava processing machines and Garri processing machines the same thing? Please send me the purchase details of the equipments?

    • chris Iyoha

      Pls can I get garri processes plants aat#500000. ?
      I need simple and low price

  • wale fasuan

    Pls I need the idear of the fryer and peeling machine by cost

  • giles

    pls I need help on starting on a small scale

  • kenny

    Please send to me all detailed info pictures, prices and all required so I can plan to get one as soon as possibe

  • oguntoye Stephen

    Please I need the fully break down of gari processing machine with the picture and price

  • Chris

    i would like to know if you have a contact address in Nigeria for physical inspection.

  • Fide A.

    Kindly inbox me your contact details.

    Thank u.

  • Olatunji

    Please send me the detail on the Garri Machine.


  • Williams Akinjole

    I intend setting-up garri processing factory in Osun state.
    Kindly send me the detailed cost(Naira) of the processing machine with their pictures and ur office address.
    Also, the size of the power generator that can carry the plant. Thanks.

  • adeyeye kayode fidelix

    I only need cassava fryer machine, can l request for it .

  • imefred

    Would need a breakdown of the cost before the sum total

  • Akinade

    Please send me comprehensive list with pictures from start to finish.thank you also your contact number looking forward to hear from u soon

  • martins uzoma osuji


    Please i am presently setting up a garri processing factory and would like to get a perfoma invoice ,please can you forward a performa invoice to please include cost of installation in the eastern part of Nigeria Imo state Owerri .I would like all your cost for the complete set purchase up to installation all in one invoice.

  • pls kindly send me the price list of your gari fryer machine and the pictures of the various ones available.

  • Williams Akinjole

    Pls, can you send me the current individual prices of the garri processing machine including their pictures. I want to set-up garri processing factory in Osun state. Can I have ur factory address too?

  • chris Iyoha

    Pls I also need the various pictures of cassava dryer.And your phone no of call.
    Chris Iyoha

  • Johnson

    Pls kindly send me all the price and a complete picture of a good sandard equipment for having a cassava farming system all the needed machine and equipment .
    Thank you.

  • Gloria

    Thanks for your information. Please kindly send the price of 4 stainless steel garri fryer.


    Can you provide a current itemized price list of these equIpment as a Proforma Invoice addressed to Modular Business Concepts Ltd, Egbeda Lagos.

    We need confirmation as to whether your fryer is automatic or manual. Also what fuel type(s) does it utilize?

    Do you have manuals/brochures or other documents detailing the technical specs of your equipment.

    If you have packaging machine, also include it in your response.


  • pls i would like have a complete price details on a complete garri processing unit

  • Raymond

    Kindly send me the detailed list of all cassava processing machines and their prices as a matter of urgency.
    My name is Raymond and phone and email is 08184405860,manageray80@yahoo.com

  • Pls can you send pictures of these machine to how it looks like

  • Iwaola Michael

    Kindly send me the price of 2 tons garri processing plant.

  • Paul Udo

    Pls kindly send me the prices per unit of:1)Cassava to cassava flour and 2)cassava to garri processing machines within 7 days.Thanks.

  • Olufemi

    Thank you so much for this piece of information. Can you please email me your contact numbers and addresses for further enquiries? It is a request of great urgency. Thanks again.

  • patricia onoja

    I need your price lists for cassava flour, garri and cassava chips production as soon as possible.

  • Damilola Stephen

    hi, I am I retested in this processing plant. I need your contact details. thanks

  • Chris

    i will want the list and prices of the different types cassava processing machines that you have. I will also like to have your contact and address

  • Marcel

    Please can you provide me your phone number? I can see the number here. Send it to my inbox.

  • Newton

    Please send me a comprehensive list of each section of the machine and price tags. Again pictures of samples are needed before the total cost plus installation.
    Thank you

  • oteikwu Ezekiel

    Please can you put the picture and price of each item?


    How can i get complete set of garri processing machine

  • Kayode

    please, send me the current prices for these equipment and installation for 4 tones of processed garri. Also send me your phone number.

  • Udeh Uchenna

    please kindly send price list of garri processing equipments and where I can get you people and your phone number here in Nigeria

  • Samson Taiwo

    please,send the prices of the Cassava processing machines and cost of installation. thanks.

  • Moses Emmanuel

    please I need the recent price list of each item, the cost of installation, your contact, address/location and if possible the transportation cost to Kaduna. please reply as soon as possible because it is urgent. thanks a lot

  • Njang Jolly Etengeneng

    I am the General manager of Mamfe Farmers Cooperative (MAFCOOP) located in Mamfe, Manyu Division, Cameroon. We own 75 hectares of Cassava farm. We are searching for grinding, frying and peeling machines. Please send us quotation for the different machines. Mamfe town is located near to Ikom town (cross river state). These machines can be transported via Ikom town Nigeria. Kindly give your quotation in Naira.

    MAFCOOP is a village crowd funding cooperative with no external funding. We are at our initial stage. Please give us the lowest price list. We shall handle the transport from your site to Mamfe. We wish to create a South South cooperation that will foster development and reduce hunger within Africa.


    Njang Jolly

  • Adewale Ibraheem

    Hello John,
    I am looking to open a garri processing plant, and as such want to purchase machines for converting cassava into garri.
    Below are the things I’m looking for:
    Motorized peeler
    Motorized grater
    Wooden fermentation press
    De-watering hydraulic press
    Mechanical sifter for breaking grits into smaller pieces before frying
    Garri frying/roasting pot
    Bag stitiching machine
    Weighing scale

  • Willie Ineye

    Pls i need details of your price list.

  • Emmanuel

    Pls i want to have details of your price list.

  • Kindly send me your phone number please.

  • Komaiya Lawal

    thanks for the information, kindly send the current prices of cassava processing machines to my email, dimeyji@yahoo.com or my number 08060882736. Equally send your contact and address for further enquiry.

  • emeka tony

    Pls I need the current price for the Garri processing Machine

  • please i need price list for all the complete gari processing chain

  • Nyoor Bariture Joshua

    All I need is your contact especially your phone number so could talk well.

  • Dave

    Kindly send me your current price list for these machine, your company’s address and cost of transporting the machine to Agbara Ogun State.

  • kikelomo kolapo

    please i need price list for garri processing machine such like grater, fryer,presser,and so on. please start with the list price including your address for further enquiry, urgently needed please. thanks

  • oneking

    Please I need the price of your complete processing equipment

  • larry

    i will like to know the cost of the various cassava processing machine


    kindly send the current price of garri processing machine to my email address

  • Abundance Integrated Farms

    We will like to have your full contact, and the individual prices for the machines and equipment.

  • martins uzoma osuji

    Hello sir

    I a the MD of somarts farms in imo state owerri ,we would appreciate you you send us a run down or a list of your equipment for garri factory like cost and ,your contacts and how to reach you . we are very interested in your product ,please kindly attend

  • Igumbor obaka

    Good Day. I am doing a fisibility study on setting up a garri processing factory. Can you kindly send me an updated price list and if possible pictures of each equipment. Thank you

  • Gabriel Fayomi

    You didn’t leave a contact number. Please send me a list of all necessary equipments for processing from the peelers to fryer and packaging. Thanks

  • fagg

    Kindly forward the breakdown of
    the cost of the entire Garri
    processing. Also the packaging
    machine. In addition do you have a
    machine to grind Garri into flour?
    Kindly forward the pictures of
    these machines with the prices.
    Will call you after your response.
    Thank you

  • Magaji M

    Kindly send us the price list of your complete set of gari making machines including the picture. We are about to set up one in kwara state, Nigeria.

  • Moses Babatunde

    Where is your office/factory located?

    What are phone/email contacts?


  • tobi

    Kindly send us the price list of your complete set
    of garri making machines including the picture and your contact.

  • Hello Sir

    Our company is planing on building a cassav to garri processing factory in the east ,please kindly avail us a proforma invoice for each of the following equipment so we can make immediate payment ,A Grater machine (Stainless steel) 2 tons/hr water cooling diesel engine , Grinding machine ,Sieve Machine ,Automatic Fryer with electric motor . and include the cost of installation . please do ASAP.

    Osuji Uzoma Martins


  • Learnmore Musungwe

    Halo I am looking at opening a cassava processing plant in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa so am looking at suppliers for the processing machinery. Can you kindly send me a quotation for the whole equipment required in USD and any information concerning transportation.

    Thank you

    Learnmore Musungwe

  • Iyekekpolor erhauyi Alfred

    Send me pictures with prices of the needed machines in garri processing. Thanks

  • Lawal

    Send me ur quotation as soon as possible.

  • Please can you send me your email address and mobile phone number so that we can discuss on the list and prices of the Garri processing machinery either locally fabricated or imported equipments.Also let me have the cost of business plan or feasibility study.

  • Sam

    Thanks for this information. However, I think it’s needs to be updated. Can you please re-publish or send me an updated price list of the above listed garri processing equipment.

  • Gerald Manjuo

    I am looking for a cassava processing machine to obtain starch and flour,best not from the Chinese….It is needed urgently for a world Bank sponsored project in Cameroon

  • i love this zone and would want to tap from it

  • Olu

    I need cassava peeler and grater.

  • Kells

    Please I need an updated price

  • Marcellinus Emechebe

    Kindly send me the specifications of the machines and the prices of each unit. Also, your contact and pictures of the machines or the address where the product can be inspected

  • Dear Sir / Madam,
    We are a local NGO that is trying to empower small cassava farmers in Liberia. A major problem facing our farmers is the processing of cassava to other products, mainly farina / gari and starch. In view of the above, could you please recommend a machine for our terrain and state the price? We also look forward to the photo of the machine along with all its components as well as the functions of each component. Thanks for your prompt response, while we look forward to partner with your organization.
    Esteemed regards,
    james kormon

  • Mrs Yemi


    We are about to start up a small scale gari production in Lagos.

    Kindly email me the current cost breakdown of gari processing machines including the packaging machine as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

  • Frank Ayederikumo

    Require contact details.

  • Oladejo Olatunde

    please sir I need the entire breakdown of these machines and the costs. so urgent

  • Nnachetam Sunday

    DEAR manager,
    pls send me a proformer invoice for the a three ton- steel grater, peeler, hidraulic presser and fryer. pls also send the pictures and capacities.


  • salu yakub

    kindly send me the detail prices and pictures of garri processing machines from cassava peeling to to fraying. tks.

  • gabriel effiong

    Please kindly send me your current pricelist for the gari processing factory equipment stated above as well as your contact phone number.

    Best Regards

  • Kayode

    Please send me the current pricelist for the garri processing set of equipment as well as your contact details.

  • Nkemakonam Eugene

    Your number is not showing. Pls can you kindly send your contact address and phone number asap. Thank you.

  • Adegoke E. G.

    Please, kindly breakdown the price and send me the current price list of all the processing equipment. Also attach any available pictures.

  • Emmanuel Ademu

    Please send info and price for your garri
    processing equip. I will need your phone number for guide please

  • mosco

    Please i need the full price list of all cassava processing equipment and phone number and a contact address pls i need ur reply.

  • Pls send to me the current price for gaari processing machines itemcing each equipment with their prices and pictures.

  • GIlbert

    Pls Send me a quotation:

  • Ukpai

    I will like to have your phone no., Company address and detailed price list of your cassava processing plant. Thanks

  • Paul

    please I need your phone number. i am Interested in your machines. I am ready to pay for it

  • Please send information on the cassava and garri processing equipmemt and current price list on different capacities of machines available, also attach pictures.

  • Clement

    Pls break down the price and pls do send me all the garri equipments photos along with their price list cos I want to set up a new factory. And your phone number.

  • Joshua Iwarah


  • Lamidi Lukman Afolabi


    I will to make an enquiry on garri processing machine.
    Pls kindly send details of cost and specifications of Garri processing machine from peeling to bagging of final product.


  • Nfawa Emmanuel Ibiang

    Please I need your contact and address, urgently

  • good day sir,
    i will like to have an idea of the cost of these machines for a feasibility study i am carrying out please.

  • Emmanuel E. Oko

    Please,kindly send me the pictures of cassava processing machines from peeling to bagging of final fried Harri product. The detailed cost of these machines and how it can be maintained in the case damaged

  • Please let me know the price of a casava processing machine

  • peter G

    Pls give me a comprehensive and complet items and the prices of garri processing machine and. And also your office address. Intend starting my plant soon. Thanks

  • olaide alimi

    Kindly send me your address and details of each machine with there prices and there pictures. I want to setup my own Garri plant in Ibadan. Small scale please.

  • Solomon Michael

    Hello please send me the detail cost of a complete set of cassava processing plant including packaging, I am ready to invest and will appreciate your quick response.
    I will also want to know how long it will take to complete the installation process.

  • Bode

    Kindly send me detail cost of all equipment on bodlade@gmail.com

  • Adeoye Lawlan

    hello please i would need the total cost of the machine and other necessary document. i am much more ready to invest

  • Blessing

    good day kindly send me the cost details of all as well blessing.oguntoyinbo@yahoo.com.

    God bless

  • Korede

    are you still in business?

  • Afolabi Adedeji Samuel

    Sir…kindly send me your breakdown for the garri processing machine into my email tanks!

  • Stephen

    Please I need to view the garri processing machines and their various prices so that I can place order

  • Onyinyechi

    Kindly provide me with the cintact or cost details. No number was included in the description.

  • John-Bosco

    Please send a detailed cost breakdown of each machine with your terms of payment to my mail tnx

  • Ikengah Ijomah

    We have over 150 acres of cassava farm in Delta State Nigeria and want to mechanize our processing . kindly forward to us your cost for peeler, grinders, sievers , pressers and fryers that can produce 2tons daily.

  • Bonny

    Pls kindly send me the price list and the range of all your products.


    Pls send me pictures and the prices of the GARRI processing machines

  • Ambassador Rufus Aiyenigba,AFP

    Compliments. I am very much interested in your Locally Fabricated Cassava Processing Machines. We are working to establish a Garri Centre in my village. Please furnish me with detail information and cost prices of: peeling, grinding and frying machines that you have.

    I will also appreciate photographs of machines and further information with regard to installation costs and delivery time after order is placed. My Project Committee will be meeting in the next few days to take decision on order placement.

    Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated, as we have a deadline we are working with as given by our sponsors. Thanks.

  • hope

    please can I get a detailed cost of the garri processing machine and the pictures.I am interested in purchasing it.

  • We are working to establish a Garri centre so we will like to know the price of your complete processing equipment, specification and delivery details.

    We will also appreciate photographs of machines and other relevant informations.

    Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

  • shade

    Please can I get a detailed cost of the garri processing machine with pictures. I will also like to know the location of the equipment. Please are their reviews from others who had bought from you before?

  • ENGR. kalu Emmanuel alicho

    I will like to get a detailed price list(cost)of a complete garri processing plant including the cost of installation.

  • Maduabuchi, R.

    I need a picture of 10 tone garri processing machine that can peel and also fry. The price and cost of installation in southern Nigeria.


    I need a stage by stage cassava to garri processing equipment and their costs

  • olaoluwa

    job well done pls can you send the machines and their prices to me or your number and email add so that we can discus in details. i plan to open garri processing factory this year

  • Olukunle omole

    Good job.
    Can I have full pictures of all the equipments pls

  • Hope

    Please I need your contact its urgent..thanks…Hope,Nigeria

  • Ake Godspower

    please send me with photos automated and semi automatic garri processing machine of 3tons per day. a unit of fufu flour processing.

  • Kingsley agupugo

    I need the price of the machines a at now.

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