Make Money Collecting and Supplying Scrap PET Plastic Bottles in Nigeria

In my previous article I wrote on how you can make money from the collection and selling of waste paper in Nigeria.

Here comes a great opportunity for as many people interested in making money from the supply of Scrap PET plastic bottle to exporters in Lagos Nigeria.

scrap pet bottlesOne daily basis Nigerians consumes lots of pure water and soft drinks in PET plastic bottles which are thrown away to litter our environment.

These PET plastic bottles being thrown away are not waste but MONEY.
Some companies make lots of money recycling them into useful industrial materials.

Recently the Lagos sate government saw the money making opportunities in converting waste to wealth and decided to set up a waste recycling plant in Lagos refuse deports to generate revenue for the state.

Therefore you too can make money by collecting discarded PET plastic bottles of pure water and soft drinks and supply them to exporters in Nigeria or to recycling plant abroad.

There is serious demand for Scrap Plastic pet Bottles by different exporters in Lagos at a very competitive price per Metric Ton.

In fact Exporters in Lagos alone need over 1,600 Metric Tons of Scrap Plastic Bottles for export and are looking for people who can supply them on monthly basis.

These exporters are ever ready to buy any quantity and type of empty Plastic Bottle with caps and wrappers, not minding if the plastic bottles are colored or transparent.
See picture below to know what I’m talking about. Also get details of the condition of scrap PET plastic bottles needed by exporters.

QUANTITY: 100-200MT per week
PRICE RANGE: NGN12, 000-15,000/MT delivered to Lagos.
PAYMENT TERMS: 100% Payment in 3 days after delivery
PAYMENT INSTRUMENT: Bank Draft, Bank Guarantee

Empty and free of water
Empty and free of Sand
Could have cap and Wrapper
The PET plastic bottles must be compressed and bales before supplying them.
Each Bale of the PET plastic bottles is to weigh 30-50Kg
To learn how to start  PET plastic bottles collection and supply business in Nigeria,I have packaged a manual for that. To get a copy.  please call 08081632025 or send mail to for details.

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14 Responses to Make Money Collecting and Supplying Scrap PET Plastic Bottles in Nigeria

  1. Micheal says:

    i want to ask how much you buy per Kilo and where do i deliver to bottles to fast track my payments.

  2. bumbum says:

    pls, i want to know how much it is sold for per kg and where the recyclers company is. thanks

  3. jayesh patel says:

    we need pet bottle scrap in bulk quantity 1200mt/month,
    so send me your best price

  4. samantha says:

    pls if you sell container good for oil package contact me

  5. Olechuru Stella says:

    Pls can i call your marketing people or this is my number 07033181577

  6. 080oyokosunday070 says:

    call 08037191728

  7. chinenye says:

    mr jayesh patel my comapny sells pet bottles in large quantity to companies,you can contact me on this email address for more detailes.

  8. 080oyokosunday070 says:

    for details please call me on 08081632025

  9. Tosin says:

    I will like to know, how to how to selling it and recycler company to sell to

  10. want to do a waste recyling business says:

    want to do a waste recycling business

  11. Pedro says:

    I need contact of the buyers

  12. micheal blackwell says:

    Where is the Recycle bins.. office is located!??

  13. Peter says:

    how do I get the contact of those I can be supplying?

  14. Adegbemle Oluseyi says:

    How do i supply? I need contact of the company to supply to.

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