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How To Obtain Radio and Tv Broadcasting License In Nigeria

To obtain licenses for Radio and Television in Nigeria follow  the steps listed below.

A prospective applicant must have a limited liability company registered, with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
Its article and memorandum of association must include Broadcasting. (Please note, however, that section 10 of the NBC Act no 38 of 1992 prohibits the issuance of a license to a religious organization or a political party).

The Company will write to the Commission seeking approval to purchase a set of application forms, indicating the kind of service (radio, TV, MMDS, etc) and location(s) intended. Click to See the various broadcasting services that available in Nigeria

Upon receiving approval, the Company may then purchase a set of application forms at the cost of N50,000 only. The package will include a copy of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code and other publications that would provide an insight into broadcasting in Nigeria.
How To Obtain Radio and Tv Broadcasting License In Nigeria
The set of forms purchased should then be completed and returned, along with a comprehensive feasibility study of and business plan for the proposed station, to the office of the Director General, National Broadcastion comission of Nigeria (NBC).

The application is processed by the Commission, recommended to the Board of the Commission, for onward transmission, through the Minister of Information and Communications, to the President. (The President, by constitutional provision has the power to give the final approval for Radio and Television broadcast Licenses).

On approval, the successful applicant is expected to pay the prescribed license fee and sign a license agreement with the Secretary to the National Broadcastion comission of Nigeria (NBC) before being allocated an appropriate frequency.

Currently, the lifespan of a license is 5 years. A license lapses and stands revoked if not utilized within two years of issuance.

License fees are categorized A and B according to the economic viability of an area.

Every licensee is required to adhere to a minimum of 60% local broadcast content for open television and 80% local broadcast content for radio. The cable/satellite retransmission stations are mandated to reflect a minimum of 20% local content in their programming.
How To Obtain Radio and Tv Broadcasting License In Nigeria


An application for the renewal of a license shall be made to the Commission within a period of six months, before the expiration of the license. For avoidance of doubt, the airwaves are held in trust for the public; therefore, the licensee is accountable to the public through the Commission. Thus a public hearing may be organized, as part of the licensing renewal procedure, for the public assessment of affected broadcast station in Nigeria.

In applying for the renewal of a license, the applicant shall;

1. Clear all outstanding financial and administrative obligations to the Commission.

2. it shall submit to the director-general, National Broadcastion comission of Nigeria (NBC), through the Commissions Zonal Director in the area of operation, 15 Copies of his application.

A detailed report of the stations faithfulness to its statements of intent in the original application form for the expiring license, in accordance with the second schedule of the National Broadcastion comission of Nigeria (NBC) Decree No 38 of 1992.


The relevant provisions of the 3rd schedule of the NBC Act 38 of 1992 such as submissions of quarterly schedules accompanied by synopses of programme listed.
Keeping of daily station logbooks for transmitted programmes, transmitter output power and radiating frequencies.
Making available for inspection by the staff of the Commission, its broadcast facilities including equipment and station log book.
Emphasizing national cohesion, national security, respect for human dignity and family values.
Compelling Accuracy, objectivity and fairness; Right of Reply; integrity; Authenticity, Good taste and Decency;
Presentation of womanhood with respect and dignity; legal, decent and Truthful advertisement; protection of Children from X-rated programmes and harmful or deceitful adverts.
Forbidding inciting broadcasts, advertisement of magical cures, exploitation of children, sponsorship of Newscast and monetization of political coverage etc.

Statement of accounts for the period under review.
Completed application forms for renewal of the license accompanied by a feasibility report for the renewal period sought.
To start process of obtaining a Radio or Television License in Nigeria please contact.
National Broadcasting Commission
Mrs. Maimuna Jimada
Ag. Head, Public Affairs
+234 9 7805730
Plot 20, Ibrahim Taiwo Street,
(By Aso Villa), Asokoro, Abuja
P.M.B. 5747, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria

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