Lagos State New Vehicle Number Plate Online Registration Process (Nigeria)

The Lagos state government of Nigeria yesterday lunched the proposed new vehicle number plates with digital security features in Lagos. The Lagos state commissioner for works and transport cited the move as a step towards curbing the recent security challenges in Nigeria.

But there are some controversy trailing the issuance of new vehicle number plates in the country. Just last week the National Assembly gave a directive stopping the Federal road safety commission of Nigeria from issuing any new vehicle number plates in the country saying it was unconstitutional for the commission to do so.`

But, I must commend the Lagos state government of Nigeria for taken a bold step towards preventing crime in the state, because the data collected from this registration will go a long way to provide adequate information for security agents to prosecute any body whose vehicle got involved in crime.

Some of the security features that will be captured on the new vehicle number plate include.

Name of the vehicle owner.

Address of the owner.

Phone number.

Finger print.

Photograph of the vehicle of owner.

According to the Lagos state commissioner for works and transport Mr. Kayode Opeifa, the new number plate is designed in such a way that it is nontransferable. So, in case of any change of ownership the new owner will have register and obtain a new vehicle number plate with the government.

Also, the issuance of the new number plate is another avenue through which the Lagos state government of Nigeria hopes to increase it internally generated revenue (IGR) needed for development.

There are different categories of vehicle number plate’s registrations procedures and the cost of each also differs.


The cost of obtaining the different categories of new vehicle number plates in Lagos state Nigeria is as follows.

Newly registered vehicles cost =N15, 000

Renewal or change from old to a new number plate cost= N10, 000

Articulated vehicles=N5,000

Motorcycles=N3, 000

Government vehicles=N15, 000.

Out of series vehicle number plates, N40, 000.

Special numbers plates cost=N80,000.

Vehicle dealer number plates cost=N30,000.

So to register your new vehicle number plate please visit the Lagos state government online Auto Registration  and start the new vehicle number plate registration procedure. 


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