Bitter kola export business in Nigeria, Invest N80, 000 & make100percent profits

Do you know you can make 100percent profits when you invest just N80, 000 in exporting Bitter kola from Nigeria to Europe, America and Asia countries?

Resized-CK4L7If you don’t know, please read this article further and you will discover the secrets of how to make cool cash as an exporter of Bitter kola in Nigeria.

Garcinia popularly known as Bitter kola is a seed with great medicinal and food value, which is widely used as raw material for the production of pharmaceutical drugs and for food processing. 

The bitter kola seed can be found in abundant in many villages across the length and breadth of Nigeria. 
In resent times the demand for bitter kola in the international market has greatly increased, this is because it’s a raw material been used by most pharmaceutical and food processing companies in countries like the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, India and some other countries in Asia. 
The international market value for 1kg of Bitter kola is around 17Dollars which is about N2550 in Nigeria. 
But it will surprise you to know that only very few people in Nigeria know about the real value of bitter kola in the international market. And this few people that know the worth of bitter kola in the international market have become secret millionaires exporting the commodity. 
So, you too can join this few Nigerians to make over 100percent profits when you export Bitter kola from Nigeria to buyers in Europe, America, Japan and Asia. 
Bitter kola for export doesn’t require any machine processing because you can export it raw but with proper packaging for shipping. 
How to start Bitter kola export business. 
Bitter kola can be found in abundance in many villages of Nigeria and it’s also very cheap. So you can start bitter kola export business on a small scale with at least N80, 000 and above. 
Before you start your export business please make sure your company is duly registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria for authenticity.  
Open a domiciliary bank account or other means for collecting accepting foreign payments.  
Get an order from a foreign buyer.  
Buy your Bitter kola, the cost of buying one basket of Bitter kola with a weight of between 70-72kg is relatively cheap but it depends on whom you are buying the commodity from.  
Get your packaging materials, the cost of buying brown paper for packaging is about N2500 and the cost of shipping also depends on the number of cartons you are shipping by courier. 
With at least N80, 000 as initial investment, you are sure to make double the amount of money invested in a single deal of Bitter kola exported.
How to package and ship Bitter kola for export. 
As an exporter you must make sure you package Bitter kola in parcels to meet international standard, the Bitter kola you want to export must be of high quality, it must be free from sand, dirt and stains.  
Get your Bitter kola from the village market where it’s considerable very cheap and then wrap them with brown paper (1kg/parcel).  
After Packaging the Bitter kola in 1kg/parcel then get some cartons and put 7parcels/carton. Please note the weight of the 7parcels/carton should not exceed 7kg.  
You can now take the package to any reliable courier company and pay at least N5000/carton for them to transport it by air to the buyer who gave you the order.
Please note:Make sure there is proper arrangement on the ground between you and the buyer in terms payment.Only send shipment when you are sure the buyer is genuine to avoid been duped.
Reading through this article, I sure you must been educated on the industrial value of Bitter kola and the money making opportunity it offers to Nigerians who are ready to go into Bitter kola export business. 
Bitter kola export is a profitable business where you will invest your money and make 100percent profits just in one deal. 
So, take advantage of the abundance of cheap Bitter kola in Nigeria and its high demand in the international market to make money exporting the commodity to Europe, America, Japan, Germany, USA, Britain, Germany, France, India and some other countries in Asia.  
To start and make money exporting Bitter Kola from Nigeria, you need to get more information on the following. 
How to Contact foreign buyers of Nigeria Bitter Kola. 
How to get them to sign export contract with you. 
How to contact of local exporters in Nigeria. 
How to make money from export brokerage business right in your room without   capital. 
How to source for cheap Bitter Kola in Nigeria. 
Method of payment recognized in export business. 
Export business documentation.
These and many more information you need to have to start export easily.
For more details please contact: Ojo Otaru, Tell:+2348081632025, email:

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